I'm a stay-at-home mom living near Seattle and blog about my love of TV, movies, books, music, musicals, celebrities, fashion, and all things pop culture. I live in pajama pants, love to plan vacations, and eat way too many Red Hots. 

Jacob and I got married eleven years ago, but we've been together for sixteen! We have a blast together, but we don’t have many interests in common. He camps, hikes, snowboards, and teaches MMA. I’m kind of a homebody who would rather sit back and be entertained. In my downtime I prefer to relax on the couch with a good book or bad TV. My idea of adventure is going to movies, concerts, musicals, and comedians. 

We do have a few things in common: hockey, Disneyland, and traveling. But most importantly, we love exploring the Pacific Northwest with our kids, Nolan (age eight) and Milo (age six).