Spring Movies

Isle of Dogs
I will always see everything Wes Anderson creates.

Looks creepy. I'm into it.

Ready Player One
I liked the book enough to check this out, though the trailer doesn't wow me.

It looks funny enough.

I didn't know anything about this incident, so I googled it. So sketchy!

A Quiet Place
This looks so creepy! I'm gonna have high blood pressure while I watch.

Oh hey, '70s Jon Hamm!

You Were Never Really Here
I'm curious about this one and Joaquin looks great, but it might just be too violent for me.

Super Troopers 2
The drunk/high college student in me has to see this long overdue sequel. I still quote the first one.

I Feel Pretty
I love Amy and I'll probably laugh a few times, but I'll most likely rent this one later.

I haven't seen the original since I was a kid. I love Anna Faris so I'll probably check this out.

Life of the Party
It doesn't look amazing, but it's Melissa McCarthy so I'm there.

Deadpool 2

This is based on a true story! I'd just die.

Creeeepy. Toni Collette is always amazing.

Oceans 8
I can't wait!

Incredibles 2
I saw the first one on a date with Jacob before marriage and kids. It'll be fun to take the boys to this one.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
And another one for the family!

Also playing this spring: Pacific Rim: Uprising, Midnight Sun, Sherlock Gnomes, Paradox, Paul, Apostle of Christ, Mary Magdalene, Acrimony, The Miracle Season, Blumhouse's Truth or Dare, Submergence, Rampage, Traffik, Avengers: Infinity War, Bad Samaritan, Breaking In, Slender Man, Show Dogs, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Action Point

What are you excited to see?


Audrey Louise said...

Ummm, I AM SO EXCITED for Isle of Dogs. I freaking love Anderson and his stop animation!!!
I've never heard of Chappaquiddick but now I'm going to google it, too!
I Feel Pretty looks really interesting... lol.
Overboard looks cute but it's not really my kind of film.
Life of the Party looks adorable. I'll definitely see that!Ocean's 8 looks AMAZING, too!!
And obviously The Incredibles 2 <3

Misty said...

We will definitely see the new Jurassic Park. I loved The Incredibles so I may be more excited about the second one than the kids. And I cannot wait for Ocean's 8!!! Want to fly here and see it with me? LOL