Small Changes

I've never really been into resolutions, especially on January first. My birthday is two weeks after the new year, so our holiday season doesn't end until then. I tried the word of the year thing in 2017 and it did nothing for me. However, I did start initiating some small changes into my life and I think they're going to stick! 

No soda. I used to only have soda at restaurants (because fountain Coke is the best thing ever). Until last fall. We had left over soda after hosting a few barbecues and I started drinking it a couple times a week. When that ran out, I started buying it for the house and getting it at the movies. (I've always just brought my own water to the movies). A few days before Christmas, I was running last minute errands with my kids and NEEDED a Coke so I went to 7-Eleven and bought a Gulp. (Not a Big Gulp though, I'm not a monster!) I realized then I had a problem again and stopped drinking it on January 1. So far so good. I was jonesing for a few days, but kept myself under control. 

Home Organization. My goal last year was to purge and simplify. While I did a pretty good job (we made $500 at a garage sale and an additional $300 on our neighborhood Buy, Sell & Trade page), it's honestly not enough. We still have too much stuff for my liking. I also wanted to do a really deep clean and reorganization of our house. I found this Home Organization Challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons and I think it's really going to help me kick it into gear. It's a lot of work, but so worth it. 

No sweets. There was an abundance of cookies, brownies, candy, doughnuts, pies, soda, hot cocoa, apple cider, hard cider, margaritas, vodka, etc around here over the holidays. So I'm back on the healthy eating train and because sweet treats are my downfall, I decided to completely eliminate them for at least thirty days. I haven't given up sugar, so I'm still eating fruit and bread, but that's much better then all the crap I've been consuming. I had lots of alcohol and chocolate over my birthday weekend and then stopped the very next day. We're going to New Orleans in March so I'm going to try to hold out until then, but then give me all the beignets and crepes, please!

Getting ready for bed at 8:00. I got into a really bad habit of reading or watching TV at night until I was so tired my eyes closed. But then my nightly ritual of washing my face and brushing my teeth energized me and I'd get in bed wide away and unable to fall asleep. I decided to start my routine around 8:00. When I'm done tucking in my kids, I go straight to my bathroom and brush and floss, wash my face, apply all my products, and get in my pjs. Then I can read or watch TV and be totally relaxed and ready to jump in bed when I'm feeling sleepy. So far it's working well. Having clean teeth curbs my nighttime snacking and it's given me time to do a face mask or apply teeth whitening strips, too. 

No spending. Again with the stuff. We spend so much money on crap that we eventually throw away, give away, or sell and I'm done with it. This year we need to paint our house. We moved in 7 1/2 years ago and the builder grade beige on our walls has GOT TO GO! We also have to do the trim on the outside of the house. Because painting is the worst ever, we're most likely going to hire someone for the bulk of it (our house is open concept on both floors) and that's going to be expensive. We've also got that New Orleans trip coming up and two possible family vacations in the works. This is the stuff I need to spend money on, not clothes or decorations or toys. I've always been an impulse shopper. I see something I like and I buy it. It's even worse with online shopping. I literally think, "Hmmm. I want that," and order it from an app instantly. I've decided to start writing things down when I see them and at the end of the month if I still want/need it, I'll get it. Hopefully that helps.

More cooking. I hate to cook. Absolutely hate it. Luckily, Jacob doesn't mind it so he ends up cooking at least two meals a week. I was cooking about three meals, and we were probably getting take out or going to restaurants twice a week. When I got our year end credit card statement, I saw that we spent as much at restaurants as we did at grocery stores last year. That's insane, right? We decided not to eat out for an entire month (except for commitments we've already made). So far, so good. I'm meal planning and finding easy recipes online and though I still hate cooking, it's necessary. This goes right along with eating better and spending less, too.

Have you made any resolutions?
How are they going?


lil desiqua said...

I used to drink a can of Coke every single day with my lunch at work. Then a few years ago I gave it up for Lent and it stuck. I sometimes have it at a restaurant because I agree- fountain soda is the best! But normally I reach for iced tea these days. Writing it down and waiting totally works for buying less. Sometimes I'll even add it to my online cart and then close the browser and forget that I wanted it in the first place! I hate cooking too, but meal planning and cooking at home will also help with the eating better too. I like your idea of starting your night-time routine at 8pm, I may have to borrow that one! Good luck with all of your goals!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think this is all great! I always try to do more with less each year - lately we've been just trying to go and DO vs. go and BUY. Soda is my one weakness - I don't drink it often, and I LOVE Coca Cola. I think that was the hardest thing to do without when I did Whole30 - but it was the mind set for me of you can't have it so then I wanted it even more... now I have maybe one a week, IF that. I'm mostly water, black coffee, unsweetened tea these days... until it's cocktail / wine hour ;) But even then my old go to (Capt. N' Coke) is not one I drink anymore... the sugar is too much!

My only resolution this year was to stick to being active (working out at least 3-5x a week) and getting more organized. I've done little organizational things around the house - I purge at least twice a year anyway... but it's time again. My closet is the next place to attack!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I get into my pajamas ASAP but I don't wash my face then and I should. Good idea!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Soda is my crack. It's the one vice that I have so much trouble giving up. I do notice when I stop drinking it for about a week I no longer crave it. Then for some dumb reason like going to a restaurant I order one and I'm addicted again lol. Good job with all of these goals - I need to add most of them to my list, too!