Current Books
All the books I've read lately are a solid three stars. None of them were bad, but none wowed me either. A False Report is about a serial rapist and his victims, one of which the police didn't believe. This was a local story and I remember reading about it, so it was great to get more information, as infuriating as it was. The Line Becomes a River is the account of a former border patrol agent. Still Me is book number three in the Me Before You series and I think I liked it more than book two, but neither were as good as the first. Grist Mill Road is a disturbing story about a crime that binds three friends together and tells how they deal with it as adults. The People Are Going To Rise Like The Waters Upon Your Shore is Sexton's firsthand account of the 2016 election. If you aren't following him on twitter, do it now. This Love Story Will Self-Destruct was a cute love story set in NYC over the span of a few years and told in alternate POVs.

Current Playlist
I haven't loved anything new in a few months. What are you listening to lately?

Current Food
The Cheesecake Factory's roasted pear and blue cheese flatbread is my favorite thing right now. I've had it twice in the last month and I'm pretty much ready to get it again. It's so good, super cheap, and not that unhealthy. 

Current Shows
Undercover High is kind of fascinating. The students are disrespectful and so into social media that they aren't learning anything. The teachers don't seem to have any control. I know high school is different these days (I come from the years of pagers, not iPhones), but how is it that different for these undercover students in their early 20s? They just graduated five years ago! I binged Everything Sucks on Netflix the day it came out. It's sooo cute! It definitely throws the '90s in your face, but I don't mind that one bit. The story gets better as the season progresses and the kids are adorable, especially Jahi Winston! 

Current Celeb Crush
I'm not feeling anyone super hard at the moment, but there's always Zac Efron.
He's been releasing pictures from his upcoming Ted Bundy movie and he looks amazing. 

But then these pictures surfaced for his new movie, The Beach Bum, and yuck. Ha!

Current Excitement
New Orleans! Jacob and I are taking a short trip to NOLA next month.
It'll be our first time down there and we're pretty excited for some time away from the kids.

Current Movies
I saw Phantom Thread and The 15:17 to Paris last week and didn't really like either one.
I'm planning to see Annihilation and Black Panther next week and have a feeling I'll enjoy those a lot more.

Current Musical
Hamilton! We took the boys to see their first ever musical a few weeks ago. I can't help but think they are going to be totally let down by anything they see in the future. This was my second time seeing the show and the Philip cast is amazing. Joseph Morales (Hamilton) and Shoba Narayan (Eliza) were my favorite! I'm going again next month with my mom!

Current Product
Heartspring lip balm. I bought Lemon + Sage, just to try it out and went back for the other three flavors. I'm more of a lip balm than lipstick girl and these smell delicious and feel amazing! They're only made with beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, vitamin E and pure essential oils. I recommend! 

Current Podcast
I downloaded My Dad Wrote A Porno a year ago, but just got around to it last week and binged every episode. It's so frickin' funny. I laugh out loud like a maniac when driving around town. I love it so much. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard is pretty great, too. 


Audrey Louise said...

Those final two podcasts sound pretty good.
A trip to NOLA sounds fun! We've never been but I've heard awesome things about that place :)
That flatbread sounds and looks delicious :D

Marie said...

Oh a trip to Nola sounds like so much fun! I'm hoping to see Hamilton soon. I hear all good things about it.

Misty said...

Black Panther is SO GOOD! I haven't seen much of anything else though.

I still can't get on board with Zac Efron. I'll admit that I'm very curious to see him as Ted Bundy. If he doesn't pull it off, he may be dead to me forever. HAHAHA!