Best Pictures

I was finally able to see Phantom Thread last week, which was my final Best Picture. I had seen eight out of nine by the time the nominees were announced. That's a record for me! I think most of the films were available to a wide audience earlier than normal this year. I had been giving one line reviews on twitter, but thought I'd expand just a little more in this post.

Call Me By Your Name Truly was beautiful. It's mostly a coming-of-age story, with a love story sprinkled in. The scenery was gorgeous and I loved the relationship between parents and son. Chamalet is incredible!

Darkest Hour dragged at times, but I appreciated the detail. Gary Oldman really does deserve all the awards and recognition for his role. He completely transformed into Churchill.

Dunkirk was stressful! I loved that it wasn't very gory and thought it was an original way to tell the story. I also liked that there wasn't much dialog. You really felt the urgency while watching this one.

Get Out wasn't jump out of your seat scary, but very creepy. It was also funny and so smart. It takes on an important topic in such an entertaining way. I loved the whole cast, but especially Daniel Kaluuya.

Lady Bird was a movie I couldn't stop thinking about for days. I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I nodded along, I reminisced. All of the relationships touched me, but I loved the mother-daughter scenes the most. 

Phantom Thread was slow and didn't get interesting until halfway through. Everyone did a fine job, but I just didn't really care about any of it. It also seemed like a really long ASMR video.

The Post is sooo timely! It's an important story and I thought the entire ensemble brought their A game, but I didn't walk away feeling changed.

The Shape of Water was strange. I loved the aesthetic and originality and the cast did a fantastic job. It's an interesting story, but I didn't seem to connect to it the way other people have. 

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was great. I understand the controversy, and I saw then when I watched it, but the cast was incredible. I was expecting a slow, sad movie, but was surprised by how many times I laughed.

Do you have a favorite? Mine is Lady Bird.
Call Me By Your Name and Get Out are close seconds.


Audrey Louise said...

I really want to see The Post. I rarely make it a goal to see all the movies in award show categories because often so many of them are crazy violent or twisted. It's kind of nice to see that's not the case this year.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

A lot of times I’m shocked at the movies that get nominated. Then I think I’m missing something and it’s me and my taste is off lol. But seeing that you feel the same about the films I’ve seen makes me feel better! Lady Bird is definitely my favorite so far. I hear Get Out is going to win. Going to watch that next.