RIP, Dolores

Dolores O'Riordan, singer-songwriter of The Cranberries, passed away yesterday at the age of 46. This one hit me hard, guys. Her voice was so unique and paired with her accent she made all their songs that much more haunting and heartbreaking.

In 10th grade, I was hanging out at my bestie's house when her little sister walked in the room singing "zombie eh eh" again and again. We were like, "What are you talking about?" and she sang it for us. We made fun of her, shooed her out of the room, and went on with our lives. That was the first I'd ever heard of The Cranberries.

Two weeks later, we had an assignment in English where we each had to play a song in front of the class and then dissect the lyrics. A friend of mine played Zombie and told us it had to do with the IRA. That was the first I ever heard about that, but the song clicked. It was the same one my bestie's little sister annoyed us with! After hearing the actual song, I fell in love. A few weeks later I bought their second album, No Need To Argue.

I was an instant super fan! Zombie, Ode To My Family, Empty, The Icicle Melts, Disappointment, Ridiculous Thoughts, Dreaming My Dreams, and my absolute favorite, I Can't Be With You, were AMAZING. After listening to this album on repeat for months, I finally bought their first album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?

I definitely liked it, especially Dreams, How, Not Sorry, and Linger (which still makes me feel so much), but it was a little too mellow for me. I went back to listening to No Need To Argue all the time. When they released the single Salvation in 1996, I was into it. It was darker, faster, and seemed like a departure, but I liked it. I borrowed their third album, To The Faithful Departed, from a friend and liked When You're Gone, God Be With You, and their cover of Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way, but nothing else really resonated with me. I didn't pay much attention to them after that. (Fun fact: They have two songs in the movie Empire RecordsLiar and How, and I think the movie's soundtrack is the only place you could hear Liar back then.) 

Last month, my BFF asked if I had heard their latest album, Something Else (which has been out since April 2017!). It's full of unplugged versions of their old hits, plus three new songs, recorded with the Irish Chamber Orchestra. I listened to it over and over for a few days. It's really beautiful and brought back a lot of memories.

Over the weekend, Jacob and I went out of town, and on our five-hour road trip, we listened to lots of '90s playlists. (What else do you do when you are struggling with turning 39?!) When Linger came on, we both belted it out at the top of our lungs. Jacob doesn't like a lot of female singers because they are too whiny or scream at you (he hates Gwen Stefani and I'm not allowed to listen to her in his presence), but he said he really liked Dolores's voice. Who can argue with that? She was such an original. We listened to a bunch of other Cranberries song after that.

It was so weird to wake up the the news yesterday. I played The Cranberries the entire day in honor of her. While driving to dinner, with Jacob and the kids in the car, I kept tearing up. It really is so sad that she's gone. Rest in peace, Dolores.


Audrey Louise said...

It's strange how celebrity deaths can affect us so deeply :( I'm sorry you're feelings so sad over the loss of Dolores.
When I was in hs a friend put a Cranberries song on a mixed CD for me and that was my first introduction. It's so funny and strange how we can remember our first interaction with some artists or bands or songs!

Misty said...

I agree. This one was tough. I told Natalie that you know you're getting old when all of your icons are dying. And dying way too young.