Top 5 of 2017

I know everyone is doing it, but I want to throw out my year-end roundup, too: entertainment edition.

Top Five Albums
There weren't many albums this year that I loved so much I listened to them front to back, but I kept finding myself playing the La La Land Soundtrack, Harry's Harry Styles, Charli XCX's mixtape Number 1 Angel, Taylor's Reputation, and Lorde's Melodrama

 Top Five Movies
I haven't seen Call Me By Your NameThe Post, or I, Tonya yet and I fully expect them to take the place of some of these choices. So far, my favorite movies have been Get Out, Three Billboards, Lady Bird, The Beguiled, and Ingrid Goes West.

Top Five Shows
I didn't add any new network TV shows to my rotation this year. Everything I loved came from streaming services. Friends From College, American Vandal, Mindhunter, Thirteen Reasons Why, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel were my fave new shows.

Top Five Singles
Selena Gomez's Bad Liar, Lorde's Green Light, Aly & AJ's Take Me, Niall Horan's Slow Hands, and Portugal. The Man's Feel It Still were my most played songs of the year. Honorable mention goes to Find You by Nick Jonas.

Top Five Podcasts
Truu Stowray was my absolute favorite podcast this year. I also loved listening to Wow In The World with my kids. My other favorites are Pod Save America, Conversations With People Who Hate Me, and 36 Questions.

Top Five Books
I loved Beartown (a novel), We Were Eight Years In Power (a collection of essays), Unbelievable (a first person account of a reporter from the Trump campaign), You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (a memoir), and Little Fires Everywhere (a novel). My two other favorites were Confessions by Kanea Minato and Party of One by Dave Holmes, but they weren't released this year.

Did you hear there's going to be a sequel to Beartown called Us Against You in 2018? So excited!

I'm liking up with Jana and Steph!


Misty said...

I can't help it. I love Taylor Swift's album.

I miss books. I'm going to cut back on tv and read more in 2018.

Jana @ Jana Says said...

I agree with all your TV choices except Friends from College. Despite the cast, I couldn't get into it.

We Were Eight Years in Power is my next eBook after I finish my current one.

Conversations with People Who Hate Me is one of my favorites, too!

Brittany Pines said...

Beartown made my list too! I loved Ng’s first book and am hoping to get my hands on LFE soon.

Audrey Louise said...

I listened to Reputation once, but the only form of entertainment from your list that I've watched/listened to/followed is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. And I love it, too!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i didn't read a lot of books published in 2017 - beartown and the seven husbands of evelyn hugo were my favourites, that come to mind. i think i heard that beartown was going to be part of a trilogy? can't wait because that ending was a bit ambiguous for some people. Little Fires Everywhere is on my TBR though so hopefully i'll get to it soon. haven't seen any of those movies, get out looked terrifying lol. i do want to see the beguiled.

Kristin said...

Ladybird was a great movie. It was so simple but so well done.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Fun post! I want to see LadyBirda and I'm SO ready for Call Me Be Your Name to come out in a theater near me. I read the book years ago and loved it. I also really loved Niall Horan's "Slow Hands."


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I don't know if I can ever read any books on the trump campaign.

Tanya said...

Beartown and Little Fires Everywhere are on my TBR. A part of me wants to read Unbelievable but I might combust if I do!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I'm STILL trying to like Harry's album but I can't get into it. Can we switch? You take him and I'll get Niall. Although there are a few meh songs on the album, I love the rest of Niall's!

Carly Blogs Here said...

I recently finished up The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and can't get over how much I loved it and have already thought about rewatching it. I'm really excited for the Beartown sequel-- but a little bit nervous because it has so much to live up to because of how much I loved beartown.