Life Lately

I've been such a crappy blogger lately. I have emails from six weeks ago that I still haven't responded to and have gone about a month without reading and commenting on any blogs, including linkups. I'm the worst and I promise I'm getting to it! Life just got so crazy. I was dealing with anxiety in September, then we went on vacation, then I had surgery and that crazy post-procedure ride. After that I was busy catching up on real life and just shut everything else out. And now it's basically December! I'm back though. I'm feeling good and happy and ready for the holidays. Let's just catch up a little, shall we?

Milo's soccer team. Two weeks ago Milo came down with a stomach bug that kept him out of the last game and end of the season celebration. Honestly, I was relieved we didn't have to go. This was his third year of soccer and he had always loved it, but his team was a nightmare. The coach was nice and knew a ton about the sport, but his teammates were BRATS and she couldn't keep them in line. They were constantly wrestling, arguing, slapping each other, and saying bad words. Milo, my sensitive little rule follower, didn't like anyone and dreaded practice towards the end of the season. There was also zero communication from the coach and no camaraderie with the parents. Milo said he never wants to play again and it bums me out, but I don't blame him. Nolan didn't play this year and doesn't want to anymore either, so my days as a soccer mom are over.

My voice. My voice is usually a little hoarse for a few days after surgery, but it's been three weeks now and it's still not back to normal. Well, relatively speaking. My voice hasn't been "normal" for about six years. It's constantly strained because the stenosis is right under my larynx. Plus, I cough all the time, which makes me super raspy and annoying. Anyway, I'm still hoarse and can't sing! (It's not like I can really sing anyway. I'm terrible, but I enjoy it and do it all day long.) My voice just cuts out at certain notes and it's freaking me out! The other day Jacob and I went on YouTube to find songs I can typically sing just to laugh at my attempts. I'm a mess.

New Orleans. As soon as I return home from a vacation, I have to start planning the next one. I can't help it! Having a trip to look forward to is the best. So when we got home from Orlando, I cured my post-vacation blues by booking our flights to NOLA in March. We've never been before and it's been on our list forever. It'll just be me and Jacob for four days. He wants to eat all the weird food. I want to take in all the culture and history. I've got a long list of places to see and things to do, but if you have any recommendations, let me know!

Nolan's 504 Plan. Nolan has ADHD and SPD and finally has an understanding teacher who has set up all kinds of accommodations for him. Like, he gets to sit alone at the back table during math when his mind usually wanders. (He's been sneak reading a book on his lap during her lessons! Stinker!!)  He's using a graph paper notebook for math to help keep his work neat. He gets five extra minutes to clean his desk each week. And I've recently been taking meetings with his school counselor to talk about a 504 Plan. We decided that because he isn't suffering academically and we haven't hit any road blocks with his teacher, we'll put it off and reassess next year. I'm happy with this.

Milo's teacher. Speaking of school, about three weeks into the year, Milo's teacher took a medical leave of absence. She had a brain hemorrhage! Yikes! She's on the mend and should be back to school after winter break. Milo's had a long-term substitute who is a retired teacher and was already familiar with the students, so everything has been running pretty smoothly. Plus, I really like her, so I've been helping out as much as I can, doing everything from testing, correcting papers, and making copies to reading groups and art projects. I love their school!

Christmas. I. Am. Ready. We have two of our three trees up. I've packed our calendar with fun activities and events. We've been listening to Christmas music all week. Our holiday cards just arrived in the mail. I've come up with our Christmas Eve menu, party games, and prizes. And I'm 100% done shopping for my kids and nephews. (Jacob and I are forgoing presents because we'd rather save for vacation). Bring it on!    

Movies. Oscar season is upon us and I cannot wait to see so many movies! My only issue is finding enough friends to go with me. I've got one friend for comedies, one for horror/suspense, a few for chick flicks, and Jacob for super heroes, but not many appreciate a good drama or independent film.  Luckily I want to see a good mix of all the above, so hopefully I can see a bunch.    

What's up with your life lately?


Misty said...

I have to get out and see some movies. I've been reading a little, but mostly I'm binge watching everything on Netflix. I'm not complaining though. There's some good shows out there.

And I can't wait for full blown Christmas hoopla! ♥

Misty said...

Also, I'm working on some things on the job front. I am looking for a better full-time day job. (hopefully within the same company) And I've got some lucrative things in the works for supplemental income. If I can get some extra income, I want to come to Washington in 2018!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Girrrl, delete those old emails without replying. Free yourself!

Hurrah, New Orleans! I have a blog post on my weekend there, it's under the travel tab if you want to take a look. I could spend a month eating my way through that town.

jenn said...

i'm glad you're not going to new orleans in february.

i'm really, really glad you're doing better.

jenn said...

also, i watched wonder with friends today, and it was SO much better than i'd expected it to be. i was sure they were going to wreck that novel, but they didn't. bring kleenex.