Fall TV

The fall TV season is in full swing and I've actually had downtime lately to catch up
on some new shows. Here's what I've been watching:

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers
Edie Falco is amazing, but I'm halfway through the limited series and am not quite loving it. The facts of the story should be compelling enough, but I find myself drifting off while watching it. It feels too drawn out or something. I plan to watch the rest of it, so here's hoping it gets better. 

The Good Doctor
I love Freddie Highmore and was curious about this premise. He kind of reminds me of my kid! Nolan's not a savant and doesn't have autism, but he does have ADHD and SPD, so he's a little awkward with a photographic memory. I like the show just fine, but it hasn't blown me away. I'll keep going a few more episodes.

I read a few articles that declared this the best new show. I wasn't planning on watching because I can't stand Lea Michele. I'm glad I tried it though. It's light and heartwarming and Lea doesn't bother me as much as I expected her to. I love the rest of the cast and even though it might end up being too cheesy and predictable, after just two episodes, I'm hopeful.

American Horror Story: Cult
I haven't watched a full season of AHS since the first one. I give each season a try and end up not caring after three episodes. I've watched five episodes of Cult, so I guess I'm invested. It's not really scary, but I like it's cultural relevance. The cast is super annoying and over the top though. Billy on the Street can't stop yelling when he speaks and it's driving me crazy. I do love seeing Leslie Grossman back on TV. (She was AMAZING in Murphy's first show, Popular.)

I'm also watching all these old shows. 

What are you watching this fall?


Audrey Louise said...

My husband and I watch The Mindy Project and The Voice together. On my own, I watch The Good Place, Casual, and Superstore. I want to start on The Gifted (I think that's what it's called- it's the mutant series one) soon!

Jana @ Jana Says said...

I'm not loving the Menendez series either. I feel like if it were not Law and Order but done on another network it would be WAY better.

I don't watch much regular network TV but my standbys are How To Get Away with Murder, Superstore, and American Housewife (which is actually on my nerves thus far).

Misty said...

What do you think about this season of The Good Place? I loved the first season so much, but I'm not digging where it's going.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I feel better about not being that impressed with L&O since I'm not the only one lol. I love The Good Doctor. Was so sad when Bates Motel ended but glad Freddie got a new gig bc he's so talented! Since I'm 12 I think my favorite show on TV right now is Riverdale lol.

Jo said...

New Shows:
The Menendez Murders -- hooked but probable because I was not aware of the murders when it happened. However, I do agree with you that it feels a bit too drawn out
The Good Doctor - I love Richard Schiff and I think Freddie Highmore is doing a great job
The Mayor - I haven't started on this yet, I actually don't even know if I will ... too many other shows to watch
AHS - haven't watched a single episode of this, ever ....
Kids have talked me into watch The Orvile

Also watching and loviong: The Goldbergs, Scandal, American Housewife, You're the worst, the Mindy project, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Lethal Weapon, all the NCIS's but getting bored with LA, and all the Chicago's, Blacklist ... right can't list all the TV shows I watch cause I watch way too many