Birth Control

I'm so fired up this week about guns, tax reform, and now, birth control. 

I was two weeks shy of seventeen when I started having sex with my high school sweetheart. My mom found out about a month later. (How?! I didn't keep a diary. I didn't keep condoms in my room or in my purse. I didn't tell my sister, who would have immediately told on me. Moms are magic.) I admitted to it and she made me an appointment the following day at the county health clinic. Why the county clinic and not her gyno? Because it was expensive! Even with my parents' insurance policies! She said if I was old enough to have sex, I was old enough to be responsible for myself. Fair enough.

I had a full exam and was counseled on safe sex, pregnancy, and disease, and walked out with a six month supply of birth control pills and like, fifty condoms. Whoa. I also had another appointment scheduled five months out so that I could get a refill. I kept that appointment and every appointment thereafter. My boyfriend drove me to most of them because my sexual and reproductive health was just as important to him as it was to me. I used their services for free health care until I got my first big girl job at 23 years old and my insurance covered 100% of the cost. Free birth control, for my entire life, gave me the freedom to make my own family planning decisions. I cannot imagine how hard it would be for some not as lucky as I was. And let's not forget that many women take birth control pills for a host of health concerns, not just as contraception.

When Jacob and I got married and had extra income, I started donating to the same county health center that served me through high school and college. After last year's election, I set up reoccurring donations to Planned Parenthood and have been a volunteer at my local PP for almost a year. I don't take birth control pills anymore because Jacob had a (fully-funded by insurance) vasectomy, but women's reproductive rights and access to FREE birth control and family planning resources is extremely important to me. And now, Trump, just as we anticipated, is fucking it all up.

He announced an ACA rollback this morning. The new rule allows any employer the ability to deny birth control coverage on religious or moral grounds, effective immediately. THIS. IS. NOT. OK. I could go on and on about how this will impact families, our communities, our already limited resources, but I'm mainly pissed at the blatant attack on women. Birth control is basic and important preventative health care. Why are we going backwards?! It cannot come down to my God-fearin' employer telling me what I can and can't do with my own body. I say this every single week, but it bears repeating: Fuck Trump. 


Audrey Louise said...

I hate Tr*mp and this administration. I can't wrap my head around their tyranny. They want to outlaw abortions, decrease/erase assistance to low income families, defund and destroy PP, but also completely wipe out any insurance and guarantee that women can responsibly take care of our reproduction system. Woman are going to be given the choice of have babies or don't have sex. Because we apparently live in fucking 1583.

Bre said...

I just set up recurring payments to Planned Parenthood too. I had to pick just one thing that I could do to make a difference and feel like I was actually doing SOMETHING to actively resist this administration. I'm so glad to be around so many women speaking up and sharing and doing the work.

Misty said...

I could go on and on about this. Ditto to everything you said.

My mom also "just knew" when I had lost my virginity. She confronted me, I fessed up and off we went to the gyno for pills. HOW DO THEY KNOW?!