Tuesday Topics: Ten Sexiest Men Alive

Jenn is back with a brand new batch of Tuesday Topics and today's prompt might be her best one yet! Ten of the sexiest men alive. How could I not participate? People crowned Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 2017's sexiest man alive back in March, and while I get the appeal and like him in general, he is not my type at all. Here are my picks:

My number one. 

I love everything about him and he's not bad to look at.

He's my oldest crush on this list. I've loved him since Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.

I remember falling in lust with him in 2001's Crazy/Beautiful. I'm glad he's still around.

He needs to be People's Sexiest Man Alive next year. Hands down.


Double Duh.

My newest celeb crush is killing it. Please watch his special on Netflix!

I've always thought he was cute, but lately he's blowing me away. He's so funny and super talented!

My old standby.

Who are your favorite hunks?
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Audrey Louise said...

100% on board with Ryan, David, and Chris.
My list would also include Rob Lowe (I'm seriously obsessed), Jon Hamm, Henry Cavill, Chris Pratt, and George Clooney.

Bethie The Boo said...

Jake almost went on my list, no joke. I have always liked him! I love your list overall, but Jake's probably my favorite!
The Beth Next Door

jenn said...

i considered zac, ryan, tom and jake. i do agree... they are sexy. i loved looking at zac in the lucky one (damn, that boy is cut, and i do like listening to the sound of his voice) and i loved his character in that awkward moment. i loved ryan in the proposal and deadpool. my friend rebecca would have tom as her number one. and jake... that man has the best hands and his eyes are lovely. but i alas, i could not put them on my ten.

Kelly said...

Zac is my #1 too, although I do feel a liiiiitle funny how much younger he is than me, Haha. Tom, Chris, Jake would all be on my list too.

Angie said...
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Angie said...

I agree with Zac, Jake, David, and Ryan for sure. Some of my other faves are Chris Pratt, Mark Wahlburg, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo Dicaprio (always been a fan since Romeo & Juliet!)Sam Heughan (from Outlander) and Travis Fimmel (Vikings) are up there too! :)

lil desiqua said...

Oooh, totally forgot about Jay Hernandez! Is he still around? And who is this Hasan person? Ryan is definitely on my list, along with Chris Pratt, Kit Harrington, and a few others. I need to finish my list!

Marie said...

Oh man I don't know who would be on my 10 sexiest men alive. But my number one is totally Aaron Tveit!! Oh I love him!! LOVE HIM!

Tiffany said...

IDRIS ELBA!!!!! I cannot even hide my love for him. I become a giggling schoolgirl when we watch Luther.

Misty said...

Tom Hardy all day every day

You will see a post from me on this soon.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

We will never have to fight over guys...except Niall lol. My number one still remains as Jensen Ackles. Off the top pf my head I can really only think of TV actors. Going back to your movie post and proving I need to see more films lol.