Tuesday Topics: Nine Favorite Television Series

It's Tuesday, which means Jenn at Quirky Pickings gave out some inspiration for a blog post! Today's topic is nine favorite television series. (Keep in mind, I have yet to watch The Wire, Oz, or The Sopranos, and Lost lost me about nine episodes in.) Here they are in no particular order.

Gilmore Girls
I was late to this series (I started in season four), and even though the crazy townsfolk annoy me,
I can't get enough of this fast talking mother-daughter duo.

The friendships, the one-liners, the relatability, the love stories, the flashbacks.
It never, ever gets old.

Mad Men
I still haven't found a show I look forward to as much as I did when this was on the air.
The writing is great, the style is impeccable, the performances are incredible, and each episode feels like a little movie. 

30 Rock
With over-the-top characters and lightening fast jokes, it isn't the average person's comedy,
but I love every single thing about it. It's real and surreal at the same time.

Sex and the City
It felt so revolutionary and scandalous when it premiered when I was 19 years old!
The honest look into friendship, fashion, sex, Manhattan, and social issues is still so fun to watch.
(For the record, I'm a Miranda and Team Aidan.)

Arrested Development
It's absurd, but so clever AND hilarious, the dysfunctional characters are perfectly
played by the cast, the callbacks and running gags are amazing, and it's so quotable! 

The West Wing
I hate to admit it, but this show got me interested in politics. (I switched my major halfway through junior year.)
I love the dialog and the relationships, the drama, power, and optimism. Cheers to Sorkin!

Freaks and Geeks
Sure I love Beverly Hills, 90210, Skins, My So-Called Life, and Veronica Mars, but this is hands
down the best teen show out there. I related so much to Lindsay. And NBC didn't even give it a chance.

Saturday Night Live
It definitely has rough patches and annoying cast members (WHY IS KENAN STILL THERE?!),
but I've watched every single episode since eigth grade. And when it's good, it's oh so good.

What are your all-time favorite shows?
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Audrey Louise said...

The West Wing is amazing. It's my husband's and my favorite show. I LOVE it. If there's any way for me to marry Sam Seaborn I will.
Mad Men is also so, so good. I haven't seen nearly enough episodes of it, though.

Bethie The Boo said...

YES to Gilmore Girls, Friends and 30 Rock! Love all of those!! I also love The West Wing, but we didn't finish it, gasp. I need to get back into it. Also didn't finish Mad Men, but enjoyed what I did watch of it.
The Beth Next Door

Claire Kiefer said...

Best topic. Mine are: Sex and the City, Parenthood, Sons of Anarchy, Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars, Felicity, and if we throw it WAY back, Party of Five. <3

Jana @ Jana Says said...

Freaks and Geeks is one of my all-time favorite shows. Also on the list are Roseanne, SOA, FNL, The Wire, The Shield, and Southland (I have a type). Might throw a little Golden Girls in there, too.

Marie said...

Oh I love me some Friends and Sex and the City. Totally two of the best tv shows ever!! I would also add Gossip Girl, loved that show. And yes, it is because Aaron Tveit was on a few episodes. And I also love the Golden Girls!!

Misty said...

I love and re-watch Friends, Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, and Arrested Development all the time. I really need to binge The West Wing. Everyone raves about it.

I saw someone mentioned Southland. It got cancelled way too early. It was the best cop show.

Jo said...

West Wing for sure! And Friends, purely cause you can never get tired of watching it. And I loved Hell on Wheels, The Shield, I and Frasier, and actually so many more ... turns out I like watching TV

Karen Peterson said...

I've never watched Mad Men and I appreciate Gilmore Girls but never fell in love with it. But all the rest? YES!!!

Oh my gosh, Kate McKinnon sticking her face on Ryan Gosling's butt this weekend? Gold.

lil desiqua said...

I can watch Friends, SATC, and Gilmore Girls over and over and not get tired of them! I never really got into SNL until more recently. I despise Keenan. Like, he's never actually funny. But I love Kate McKinnon and most of their bits. I've never watched Mad Men or 30 Rock but I've always heard great reviews on them. Maybe I should binge on them next!