Current Books
I've been a reading machine this summer. Check me out on Goodreads to see
everything I've consumed lately. These are the books I gave four and five-star ratings to.

Current Playlist
Aly & AJ - Take Me
Louis Tomlinson - Back To You
Selena Gomez - Fetish
Judah & the Lion - Take It All Back
Charli XCX - Boys
Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

I wasn't really feeling the song at first, but the video made me love it.

Current Food
I stopped eating cereal about six months ago, but have slowly let it creep back into my diet.
It's so bad, but oh so good. These are my favorites:

Current Mood
Motivated. I'm in the mood to declutter, deep clean, reorganize, and simplify. Now that my kids are in school I'll have some time to do it away from prying eyes. I made them sell a bunch of toys over the summer because I want them to know how this works, but not having them around when I toss out a pre-K art project will be very helpful. #meanmom

Current Celebrity Crush
Don't make fun of me, guys. I watched that extended Burger King commercial/Jersey Shore reunion randomly one day and then kept having dreams with Vinny in them. (He was always my favorite.) I started following him on Instagram a few days later and have to say he's looking good! He seems super normal too, which is nice to see.

Current Excitement
FALL! We're having one hell of a summer here in Seattle. We had a record 55 days without rain. We broke the record for consecutive days (63 of them) above 70 degrees. August was Seattle's third hottest month of all time. And we were really close to breaking some hottest day ever records, but the smoke from wildfires kept the temperatures down a little bit. I max out around 75 degrees so this summer was miserable. I just gotta get through this latest heat wave (why was it 85 degrees on the first day of school?!) and hope the sun hides for six months. We need rain ASAP because our state is on fire.

Current Movies
Ingrid Goes West was a movie I was looking forward to since I heard about it at Sundance. It was so good! Aubrey Plaza was brilliant as an obsessive stalker and Elizabeth Olsen was just the right amount of perfect/annoying. The guys in the cast were all really great too. There were funny parts, but it was mostly unsettling.  

Current Wish List Item
I want this Empire Records enamel pin set! So frivolous, but so fun.

Current Shows
Like I said in my last post, I haven't been watching much TV, but Friends From College on Netflix was a favorite of mine over the summer. It didn't get the best reviews (I guess because people can't see past the characters' terrible decisions), but I loved it. I don't need to watch perfect people to be entertained. I'm so glad it's getting a second season. The cast is incredible, but Fred Savage was my absolute fave! I was also really into CNN's The Nineties, because, duh. I'm obsessed with the '90s. But seriously, I've watched every decade of this docu-series because it's so good. Although I was fully aware of every topic it covered, the terrorism episode surprised me. I was a blissfully ignorant/selfish pre-teen and teenager during that decade, and until they added it all up for me, I didn't realize just how many issues we had back then. The music episode was my favorite though. There's nothing like '90s music!

Current Favorite Product
Calling all cat ladies! My kids randomly picked out this Dynamite Catnip Toy at Petco for our cats and Jack LOVES it. He digs it out of their toy basket daily and hugs it, licks it, cuddles it for about thirty minutes. I just ordered another one from Amazon. I know not all cats will respond the same way (Sally doesn't care about it), but it's so cheap, it's worth a shot for your entertainment alone.

Current Podcasts
I listened to the whole season of Accused in one day while cleaning the house. (Don't worry, it's only nine episodes.) It's about the cold case of Elizabeth Andes in 1978. I kinda hate it when these murders are still unsolved at the end of the podcast, but it's great storytelling and completely entertaining. I can't wait to see what they do for season two. In Conversations With People Who Hate Me, SJW Dylan Marron calls people to have constructive conversations after they've left hateful comments on one of his videos or posts. It's amazing. The Room Where It's Happening is another Hamilton (sorry not sorry) podcast where hosts Travon Free and Mike Drucker talk about the musical with super-fan actors, musicians, and writers. They stopped recording back in April, but I'm still making my way through it and love it. 

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Vinnie IS looking good.

Scientology is the creepiest.

lil desiqua said...

I liked Vinny's personality the best out of the guys from Jersey Shore (and her bromance with Pauly D), but he was so skinny. He IS looking good now! I'm going to have to find CNN's The Nineties, and just added the catnip toy to my shopping cart haha. I'm in clean/de-clutter mood as well, I think it's the cooler weather. I hope it rains in your area soon!

Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things said...

I loooove Aly and AJ. And the T-swift took a bit to get used to, but now I like it. I loooove the newer one more though! Have you heard it? Good to know on the catnip toy! XO - Alexandra

Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

Alyssa said...

It's the perfect time of year for decluttering and deep cleaning! I'm on a sort of never-ending journey toward more minimal (but not extreme) and simple living. Simplicity just makes life easier for enjoy!

Ingrid Goes West looks great. Glad to see a good review for it!

I loved Friends From College too. I really like stories about people who aren't necessarily likable/agreeable characters. I feel like they make you think more.

Life by Nadine Lynn said...

I haven't read any of those books yet, will have to check them out. Crispex has been and will always be my favorite cereal. There is just something about it!!! YUM! I need to check out that nineties documentary.

Audrey Louise said...

Vinny entertains the hell out of me on Twitter. Ha. He live tweets Bachelor in Paradise sometimes and he's usually spot on.
Why oh why would you give up cereal?? Don't fight it. Just enjoy the simple goodness of it :)
Fall is wonderful. Taylor Swift is dramatically enjoyable. The CNN Nineties looks super interesting!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i was the same with taylor swift. i was like, oh.. okay. yeah i can dig it, but i didn't love it. the video absolutely made me love it. can't wait for the album. i have been a reading machine lately as well, mostly romances because i don't know why haha. the break down is on my list! i have only tried corn flakes out of those cereals lol but i feel your cereal love. sultana/raisin bran is my favourite! i never watched jersey shore but that guy is definitely not ugly ;) ha. good to hear about ingrid goes west, it's on my want to see it list. and yes, buying that cat thing. duh. if i buy cat stuff, it's worth it if just one of them likes it. there's no way all 3 of them would like the same thing so why try lol.