Tuesday Topics: Seven Places I'd Most Like To Visit

I'm linking up with Jenn again! Her prompts are awesome this time around. Today's Tuesday Topic is seven places I'd like to visit. Though we recently spent a long weekend in Portland, are in full planning and purchasing stages for our fall trip to Florida, and are thinking about a quick trip to Vegas for Jacob's birthday in December, I'm ALWAYS dreaming about my next vacation.

South Africa
I wanna spend time seeing friends in Johannesburg and Cape Town then go on safari!
This is number one on my bucket list, but I don't know if it'll ever happen. Jacob has zero interest. Boo. 

We've already been to London, but I want to explore all four countries. We have yet to travel
outside America since having kids (because, anxiety), but think this will be our first trip when we do.

New England
(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)
Jacob and I have been talking about a fall train trip through these states for as long as I can remember.
If prices didn't jump 300% during the tourist season, we probably would have done it by now.

Eastern Europe
(Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania)
The history, art, architecture, food! I want to do it all. Plus it's one of the cheaper vacations on my list.
Ancestors on my dad's side are from Transylvania, so it'd be cool to see where I come from.  

(Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland)
The natural beauty in these countries is breathtaking. I think this PNW girl would feel right at home.

New Orleans
Jacob and I have thought about visiting NOLA two years in a row, but different trips kept
creeping up the list (Niagara Falls and Chicago). I think it will finally happen in 2018.

Visiting the national parks to the east of us might be another trip we take next year.
Besides Mt. Rushmore, I didn't get to experience any of it as a kid and we're excited to take ours along!

Where would you most like to visit?


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Yellowstone/Tetons/Badlands was one of my favorite trips ever. As was South Africa Cape Town/Safari. One is infinitely easier to make happen than the other LOL

Bethie The Boo said...

These are some great choices! I've been to New Orleans (pre-hurricane) and it was amazing, the buildings are all so colorful and unique! I'd love to to visit Yellowstone as well.
The Beth Next Door

Jana @ Jana Says said...

I've been to NOLA once and I'm going again next year to hopefully get a different perspective of it. I was not a fan.

New England is gorgeous and Maine is on my list. But my big travel bucket list is the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Greece, and an Alaskan cruise.

Tiffany said...

Scandinavia is very high on my list! As is a UK trip. And ICELAND!

jenn said...

christina! i thought i'd commented the other day. my bad! i love how you put this post together. it's gorgeous. and i'm with you on the uk and the northeast. when i road tripped north carolina a couple of years ago, i trekked a bit on the blue ridge parkway, and there was a bit of foliage left, but most of the color was gone. i enjoyed what i saw; it was lovely, but had i gone one month sooner, i could've seen more color (and it probably wouldn't have rained as much, but there would've been ten times the tourists, i'm sure, so... win some, lose some, right?)

anyway, i'm so glad you linked up again. THANK you. :]

Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings... said...

I visited NOLA pre-Katrina and it was very... mystical. It was unlike any place I'd ever visited before. I can't speak of what it's like currently, for I haven't been there in nearly 14 years.

Yellowstone is a very intriguing place, with such diversity of landscapes, animals, and thermal features.

Have a good one

lil desiqua said...

I'm going to Vegas for my birthday in December too!! Just booked the trip last weekend! Where in Florida are you heading? I've only been to London, but I would definitely go back because I went as part of a high school trip and everything felt super rushed. It's funny that you mention a train trip through New England because I was thinking of one through your corner of the country! I hope you get to NOLA! I went last year and had such a blast, and it's one of the few places that I'd want to visit again! Italy (specifically the Amalfi Coast) is #1 on my list, but the next big trip will probably be Iceland. Hoping to plan a trip there next year.