Summer Movie Reviews

Summer has been a busy blur and I'm glad I haven't spent my days in front of the computer or television. (Although I'm kind of sad about that one. I'm waaay behind on my TV shows.) I have been cooling off at the movies though. Gotta love that AC on a 90 degree day! Here's what I've seen the past two months.

The Beguiled I hadn't seen the original or read the book (both are now on my list), so the story was new to me (and yes, I know it was whitewashed, but that's a blog post for another day). I loved it. It was very Sophia Coppola and I've always been a fan of her movies. The cast was incredible and it wasn't exactly creepy, but definitely unsettling. It's short too, only 94 minutes, which is a huge plus in my book. I'm over long movies. I don't have the attention span anymore.

The Big Sick I've been following Kumail on Twitter for years and years and love that his career is finally taking off. He and his wife wrote this movie about their love story and it's really touching and sad and funny. It's nice to see a more realistic rom-com. I've always been a fan of Zoe Karan and thought Holly Hunter's performance was perfect.

Dunkirk It's stressful! But it's not a typical war movie and it's not very gory, thankfully. I thought it was an original way to tell this story (one I had never heard of) and I liked that there wasn't much dialogue. I recommend seeing it in IMAX! I was surprised Harry Styles had such a big role, but I couldn't understand a thing he said. I'm pretty sure his accent changed as the film went on. There could have been more of Tom Hardy's face too. 

Detroit This was probably my most anticipated movie of the summer, so I was a little bummed that I found it good, but not great. I like the way Kathryn Bigelow tells stories and I was enthralled by this one (another that I didn't know much about), but it verged on torture porn for me, and the shaky camera work made me feel sick. I gotta hand it to the cast though. The acting is top notch! 

An Inconvenient Sequel I knew going in that I'd be walking out of the theater angry, but it honestly wasn't as scary as the first one, and even felt optimistic and hopeful at times. I thought Gore did a great job breaking it all down and love that he's still as impassioned as ever, even after setbacks. I appreciate everything he's doing with The Climate Reality Project, but could have done without the personal side of documentary. 

I also took my kids to a couple of those dollar days at the movie theater. We saw Trolls and Sing, which were both really cute. And yeah, I know they're on Netflix, but when it's only $1, you just have to take it all in on the big screen. Plus, the AC.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the summer movies I've seen so far. They all get two thumbs up from me. I'm still dying to see The Glass Castle, Ingrid Goes West, Whose Streets? and It. What have you loved this summer?

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Misty said...

I saw Trolls at the $2 theater and also saw the new Transformers movie. That's it. #sad