Show Me The '90s

Earlier this month we hosted a '90s themed party at our house with friends, family, and neighbors. And on Friday we went to our twenty year high school reunion. It's been a crazy, nostalgia filled couple of weeks.

Let's cover the party today. Jacob and I hadn't hosted anything major since our housewarming party nearly seven years ago. I was in the mood to throw a backyard barbecue with our friends and drink like we used to. So we picked one of the only open dates on our busy summer calendar, got a babysitter, and started planning. After posting about Zima a few times on Facebook and finding out it was coming back for the summer, I couldn't resist...we had to have a '90s party!

We got Zima, a keg (filled with local red ale, not Bud Light as we would have back then), and a couple of fifths. We had Surge, Arizona Iced Tea, Kool Aid Burst, and Capri Sun. On top of burgers and hot dogs, we ate Doritos, Pringles, Teddy Grahams, string cheese, Handi-Snacks, Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, and Fruit Roll-Ups. All the classic lunchbox items. And I slaved away in the kitchen on a 90 degree day making M&M cookies and Rainbow Chip cupcakes with pop culture toppers.

We had a candy buffet filled with treats invented in the '90s (and a few other things, like Ring Pops, candy necklaces, and Pop Rocks, because those were just childhood staples). We snacked on Wild Berry Skittles, Hershey's Hugs, Hershey's Kisses with Almonds, Winterfresh Gum, Bubble Tape, War Heads, Cry Babies, Crispy M&Ms, Peanut Butter M&Ms, Sour Patch Watermelon, Caramel Apple Pops, Sour Straws, and AirHeads. It was the decade of sour sweets! Gross.

The decorations were all over the place and pretty ghetto, but isn't that what the '90s were all about? We made banners with pictures of '90s movies, albums, tv shows, and video games. We used bulletin board letters to hang up slang words and phrases all over the house. I taped all these Dawson '90s problems memes to our refrigerator. We also had old Seattle sports logos and '92 and '96 presidential election buttons hung up.

We had a few activities sprinkled around too. There was a wall full of heartthrobs and bombshells so you could place a heart sticker on your former celeb crush. I made MASH, fortune tellers, and music trivia, and had a table full of resurrected '90s toys that my kids currently own. (Except for the Pogs; I got those on Ebay.) The "photobooth" was pretty fun too! I found an inflatable Zima on Ebay, props on Etsy, and the backdrop on Amazon. 

We also had a best dressed contest. I was thrilled with the effort everyone put into their outfits! One friend even shaved his beard into a goatee! Only a handful of people arrived without a '90s inspired ensemble. I had an accessories station with chokers, Hard Candy nail polish, body glitter, butterfly clips, temporary tattoos, scrunchies, and glow sticks, so they could get into the spirit.

Nolan wore a Pokemon shirt and hat from his own closet and I got Milo a Nirvana tee from Old Navy. (There were three other Nirvana tees that night!) Jacob wore an old shirt from high school, but it didn't really scream '90s to me. Thankfully he added a wallet chain. I went with a look straight from my high school days: black tank top over a white baby tee, flare jeans, and Adidas. I put gold butterfly clips in my flipped out hair. I wore a black choker with an alien charm (why were aliens so big in the '90s?), a yin-yang mood ring, a thumb ring, and a puka shell bracelet on one wrist and scrunchie around the other, natch. Plus, lots of black eyeliner, a brownish lipstick, and black nail polish. I made myself Warren's Empire Records name tag and was so dissapointed in some friends who didn't know what it was. Come on, guys!

After eating junk food and playing with water balloons and lawn games, all the kids left around 8:00. The adults hung out, sang along to my amazing '90s playlist, and played beer pong. When we started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, we came indoors. Some of us played '90s edition of Sing Star, which was absolutely hilarious, and others settled in the kitchen with card games. The party didn't stop til 2:00 in the mornin' and I paid for it the next day.

I was kind of bummed because we didn't get the best turn out. Everyone was really excited, but because it's summertime and people have packed schedules, tons of friends couldn't make it. We were also up against the Lady Gaga concert that night. We had about forty guests throughout the night though, and Jacob and I had a blast. It's always kind of weird to mix friends, but our families, high school friends, Jacob's co-workers, and our neighbors all seemed to get along well. Oh! And my BFF and his boyfriend flew up from Sacramento just to come to the party! That was the best part of the whole thing.

Long live the '90s!

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love a theme party and you ROCKED it!

I would have loved to attend.