I was very late to the podcast game. I didn't start listening to Serial until a few episodes before the first season's finale and that was my very first podcast. Along with the rest of the world, I was hooked and looked for something else to fill my time. 

After Serial, I downloaded Straight Up With Stassi. Stassi Schroeder, from Vanderpump Rules, talks about pop culture, fashion, celebrities, etc. I love all of that, and her, so it's a perfect and fun fit for me.

My next one was Hamilton: The Podcast. There are tons of podcasts about the musical, but I stumbled upon this one and loved the dorky hosts instantly. They went through the show, song by song, and talked about the lyrics, staging, and actors as well as historical background. 

I follow comedian Josh Wolf on Twitter and used to have a crush on former actor Freddie Prinze, Jr so I was excited for their podcast, Prinze & The Wolf. I'm not into the MMA/WWE and Star Wars talk, but I love the pop culture, comedy, and Hollywood side of it. 

When I heard Serial had a side podcast, I downloaded S-Town immediately. While I found it completely engrossing (I listened to the whole thing the first day), it also left me feeling icky. I don't think all that personal information should have been out there for entertainment purposes.

NPR came out with a STEM podcast for children called Wow In The World. It's made our summer car trips a lot quieter. My boys love it and I think the topics are all very cool, but the sound effects and silly voices get annoying. My kids don't complain though.

NPR's Up First breaks down the most important news stories in ten-minutes. It's up at 6:00 am, Monday through Friday. I stay pretty up to date with current events, but it's a nice little refresher every morning.

Truu Stowray is an absolutely favorite! It's former MTV VJ Dave Holmes and fellow pop-culture lover Mike Doughty dissecting each episode of The Real World. They talk about the cast members and storylines, sure, but also music, fashion, and life in NYC in the '90s. I've been watching season one along with them and it's such a blast from the past!

I just started listening to Up and Vanished two months ago. When I finally downloaded it, I binged it, and couldn't believe how the story unfolded. It's about the disappearance of high school teacher Tara Grinstead from a small town in Georgia. The finale aired a few weeks ago, but it's still worth a listen, especially because the case is ongoing.  

A musical podcast with Jonathan Groff as the male lead? Count me in! 36 Questions is an actual musical, in three acts, about a woman trying to get her husband back after he found out she had lied about her name and wouldn't explain why. It's super cute, kinda of reminds me of The Last Five Years, and has great music. 

From the Washington Post, reporter Lillian Cunningham (who also hosted Presidential) explores the story of America in her new podcast Constitutional. So far, she and her guests have touched on the framers, ingenious rights, and nationality. I look forward to many more episodes!

These are the ones I've downloaded, but I haven't started listening yet. I need more time in my life!

What are your favorite podcasts?
Which one should I start listening to ASAP?

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Misty said...

I love My Favorite Murder SO MUCH!