Jacob and Christina's High School Reunion

It's been twenty years since we walked the halls of good ol' BHS. Whoa. That still hasn't really sunk in. 

We don't look too old, do we?
Thank God for filters.

I couldn't attend our ten year reunion because I had strep throat, so I sent Jacob down to the local watering hole to report back to me. He's a guy, he wasn't super into high school (he's really smart and hated the drama, so he went to community college during our senior year), and he came home without much news. Boo. So, I was sort of excited to go to our reunion last Friday night at a sports bar. There were other events throughout the weekend (a family barbecue and formal night at the casino), but I wasn't interested in hanging out with these people that much. And even though we know what everyone is up to because of social media, I wanted some face to face time with old classmates.

I had great time! I didn't take a single picture and I'm bummed that a few people I really wanted to see didn't show up, but I was surprised by a few others. My middle school best friend moved to a different district in high school and we completely lost touch, but she was there and we talked about old times and current times and it made my night!

Then there was this guy who I was close with senior year. I sent him a Facebook friend request a few years ago and it went unanswered. I could see that he logged on just about every day and honestly had hurt feelings about it. Sure, we hadn't talked in nearly fifteen years, but we were really good friends at one point. A few months ago I cancelled my request and sent him another one. I know, I know! Stalker alert! But he accepted right away and we had been interacting since then, so I assume he just didn't see the first request. Anyway, he was there and we talked for a long time and had a blast. 

I think I spent too much time talking to my current friends, but that's ok. I also caught up with an old neighbor and a few girls I was close with in high school. One was very judgmental and talked a lot of shit. I couldn't tell if she had too much to drink or if she was regressing (because it's what we used to do), but it was awkward. We're adults now!

I think I spent most of my time with my my high school bestie. We went our separate ways after graduation (she got married and became a mom right away while I went off to college) and though I see her all the time (it's a small town) and we're friendly and supportive online, I wouldn't say we're actual friends. We decided to start hanging out again, so that will be fun.

Since Jacob and I graduated together, I didn't have to worry about him. I saw how uncomfortable other spouses were and totally understood! I'd be bored too. We walked in together, chatted with a few people at the door, and separated. We checked in with each other every once in a while, but enjoyed talking to our old pals on our own for the most part. We got a lot of "Wow, you guys are still together?" and "You were high school sweethearts, right?" from acquaintances. But no. We were friends, but didn't start dating until after high school. I was with the same guy all through school and he was nothing like Jacob, (and didn't show up). Since we're coming up on seventeen years together, I'll let it slide. 

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Misty said...

Wow! That shows me how late I was to jump on the HP bandwagon. I didn't read the first book until the last one was released.

And that's when Tyson bit Holyfield? We were talking about this today. Gah, I'm old!