I Don't Know What To Say, But I Won't Shut Up

I'm having a hard time with things right now, as most people are. This blog is all about pop culture and entertainment - the fun, frivolous things in the world. This week, I wrote about my party and my high school reunion. Two things that truly don't matter.

Since Trump took office, I've avoided writing political posts on all forms of social media, besides Twitter. Thank God for Twitter. I'm fully aware of everything he's done since day one. I'm an informed citizen and care about what's going on in our nation. I have contacted my representatives, signed petitions, and donated to causes I believe are moving this country forward. 

Just because I don't rant doesn't mean I'm in the dark or blissfully ignorant. I have discussions with friends, family, and Jacob. (Poor Jacob. I bring up a new topic every day, and every day he listens thoughtfully and adds insightful opinions. I love him.) Honestly, I'm exhausted by rants because with this presidential circus, they are aplenty. I'm running out of ways to say I concur in the comments section of a blog post. "Preach!" and "Amen!" don't add much to the dialogue.

I couldn't go about my day without saying something about Charlottesville though. After watching the events unfold Saturday morning, it felt insensitive to post pictures of my kids or cats or food while Nazis marched in the streets of the USA. Nazis, guys. It doesn't matter which new term they call themselves, they are actual Nazi assholes. So I posted two sentences on Facebook:

"Please let this be the turning point. I feel like I say that every day
with this administration, but how can we just let this go?! 💔"

I didn't know what else to say. I still don't know what else to say. Seth Meyers said it beautifully, so I shared that video as well.

That seems harmless enough, right? Not to some friends of mine. One, who constantly posts how much he loves Trump, tried to start some shit with me in the comments. And then I got a few messages. I wish the old saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say..." worked online, but it doesn't. I expressed my opinion (kinda? It was just a simple statement, but people get really offended these days!), so someone had to tell me it was wrong. And then I'm back at feeling like I shouldn't post to begin with.

I don't always know how to articulate my feelings of anger, sadness, embarrassment, and hopelessness, but trust that I know right from wrong and if I feel compelled to say something, I will. We cannot be silent.

If you don't know much about Elie Wiesel, look him up.
I first heard of him on an episode of Oprah. Shameful, I know.


Jo said...

I hear you & I feel you!!! I constantly find myself say WTF is wrong with people!! And I find it very hard to understand how anyone can still support him

Bre said...

We really do have to speak up. I refuse to be quiet about it because I've had friends message me privately that sharing articles on FB actually gave them new information they wouldn't have. But also how could you NOT be talking about this?!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I have been consumed by this.

Misty said...

Such a great quote! ♥ I'm surrounded by staunch Trump supporters. It's so tough.