Favorite Directors

Remember when I wrote about all the actors I adore and how I'll see anything they star in? I feel the same way about a bunch of directors. Once I hear these names attached to a project, the movie goes on my must-see list. Here are my favorites.

Baz Lurhman

David Fincher

Wes Anderson

Tim Burton

Sophia Coppola

Judd Apatow

Joel and Ethan Coen

 I can't end this without mentioning the late, great John Hughes!

 Who are your favorite directors?


Kelly said...

I love Baz Lurhman and Wes Anderson too! And Sophia Coppola. But I can't stand most Tim Burton movies - The stuff of nightmares! Except I do like Big Fish. My all time LEAST favorite director though is Tarantino.

Laura Darling said...

John Hughes is the best!!!

Elle Sees said...

Yes to everyone on this list!!!

Audrey Louise said...

WES ANDERSON FOREVER!!! Have you seen Fantastic Mr. Fox? I freakin' love that movie. It's one of my favorites. I also like Beetlejuice, Marie Antoinette, and Seven! My dad is obsessed with O Brother, WHere Art Thou?, lol.
Also, I 100% agree with your actors. Especially Malin Ackerman, Christoph Waltz, Mindy Kaling, Aubrey Plaza, and Jon Hamm <3