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Two linkups in one week? It's like I'm an actual blogger again. I love this idea from Kristen and Gretch. It's a great way for me to get a little personal and share what's currently going on, rather than a pop culture post or trip down memory lane. So here's what's new with me.

What's New With You

Earthquakes. Here in the PNW, we don't get tornadoes or hurricanes, but we do have earthquakes and volcanoes! Last month we had hundreds of tiny quakes, called a seismic swarm, 15 miles below ground, just under the Seattle Fault. I've felt four of them - the ones between magnitude 3.2 and 3.5. Two even woke me up! Scientists aren't sure how long the swarm will last (sometimes they last years), what triggers them, or if it will cause a big earthquake. So, we just wait it out and get our emergency kits ready, just in case. I'd still rather have earthquakes than any other natural disaster.

Nolan's ADHD. Nolan has Sensory Processing Disorder (when the brain has trouble filtering information that comes through the senses). He has a hard time with visual distractions and clumsiness. He's been in occupational therapy for 18 months, but has had some new difficulties at school lately. (Or maybe it's just because his teacher is a b*tch. Yeah, I'm going with that.) When doing a voluntary study at the University of Washington earlier this year, the doctor recommended that he be tested for ADHD. We've had him evaluated for ADHD and ASD in the past and came up empty because he doesn't show common signs like hyperactivity, combativeness, or impulsivity. UW's assessment is so extensive with days of games and tests and a team of doctors to go over the results, so I was excited to get it done. It turns out he does have ADHD, predominately inattentive. All this time we thought he couldn't focus because of the sensory overload, but now we know he has even more obstacles with this disorder. He's a smart kid who follows rules, so he wasn't eligible for any services at school, but now that we have the diagnoses of a disability (SPD didn't count) we can get a 504 Plan in place to provide some accommodations next year.

Milo's sunburns. Milo, my fair-skinned redhead, has been coming home from school with a little sunburn on his face and arms. And it was only May! In Washington! Can his skin really not handle three 15-minute recesses?! Then I found out they eat lunch and have PE outside on days above 70 degrees. Surprisingly, we've had a lot of those lately. An hour in the sun at peak UV times isn't really good for anyone, but especially for my little vampire. I slather him in sunscreen before school, but it's ineffective by his first recess. I talked to the principal and she said she'd put up a sun shade at lunch. I was thinking something they could roll out for students that want to sit under cover, but no. It's an umbrella...just for Milo. How am I the first parent to complain about this? I've had three second degree sunburns in my life (in kindergarten, 7th grade, and at age 24, which was so painful I had to take Vicodin and a few days off work), so I'm probably more paranoid than the average mom, but no one else cares?

My car. I took my car in for scheduled maintenance last Monday. The second we brought it home, the mechanic called and said they forgot to put coolant back in. They sent someone over to refill it and took it for a spin and said everything was fine. The next morning it had trouble starting so I took it back. It turns out a lack of coolant breaks a whole bunch of stuff in your engine, even when you only live ten miles away. I've had a free rental car since then and they are fixing everything, but I'm worried. My car is nearly nine years old with 100,000 miles and I've never had a single issue. I hope this doesn't lead to things falling apart. I don't want a new one yet!

Ready for summer! The kids have fourteen days of school left and I'll be volunteering for nine of them! There's the student store, field day, the end of the year dance, 5th grade celebration, kindergarten celebration, popcorn sales, science day, and the weekly reading groups I do in Milo's class. I've always been a willing volunteer. I love getting to know their teachers and friends and seeing the ins and outs of the school. I've helped out in both kids' classes weekly, but this was the first year I was involved with the PTA and it's exhausting! The current PTA board has been begging me to become VP next year, but I don't waaannaaa. It's just too much work. We are all counting down the days till summer break! 

I miss my husband. Jacob has been working nonstop! It's near the end of a project, so he's had to work just about every Saturday for the past two months and this will continue until July. He's such a trouper and is always willing to go have some family fun on Sunday, his only day off, but I can tell the absence of downtime is getting to him. He's also grieving the unexpected death of a good friend and I just want to hug him all day. He decided to play hooky tomorrow so we can have a day date while the kids are still in school. I think we're gonna do brunch and a movie.


Jana @ Jana Says said...

OMG why do kids eat so much over the summer? Erica eats nonstop once she actually wakes up (she's a late sleeper. #notcomplaining)

My husband's air conditioning broke in his car and I'm petrified to find out how much it's going to cost to fix.

Misty said...

It's awful when your kid has a bad teacher. Hopefully next year will be better, especially since you have a lot more answers and knowledge.

I'm with you. Sunburns are nothing to mess around with. Rory and I fry in the sun. Dain turns brown in five minutes. I'm so jealous. Ha!

I started having major problems with my car. It only had 95k miles on it and was no longer under warranty. A trusted mechanic said, "Get rid of it while you still can." So I did. I'm not going to love this new note, but I need a reliable car for work and all these damn trips for ball.

We have 3 more weeks of ball. I'm ready for a break. I'm trying to take a few days off here and there and plan some fun, inexpensive things for us to do this summer. We're also going on at least one weekend trip.

Misty said...

Also, I'm going to link up today and actually put together a blog post. It's long overdue.

Nadine Lynn said...

Car maintenance and repair bills are the worst! I am a new mom and I worry about when my daughter hits the school age and I have to start worrying about crappy teachers and other school issues like sunburn! Teaching is a job that you should be really passionate about to pursue you know? Like if they are miserable they need to quit and not take it out on the kids. That does no one any good!

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

We have had to do a lot of car maintenance in the past year or two and it is sooo frustrating!! I hope you get some amazing time with your hubby soon!!!

We are finding the sunscreen-at-school situation a bit difficult this year too but luckily haven't had a burn yet.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

So sorry about Jacob's friend.

I cannot believe no one else is getting sunburn. Or if they are, not calling about it. It's serious! LOL.

Kristin said...

The way I've always thought of it is that ADD is something that presents on the outside and ADHD isn't always something you see because it's inattentiveness even if the student appears to be paying attention. I don't know how old your kiddo is, but it usually takes a year or more of testing to diagnose.
Also, can you send the sunscreen to school with your son? At my building, kids can apply it themselves, they just can't share it with each other. If he can't do it himself, I would give it to the nurse with a note, asking them to help him with it before lunch/recess at least.
That's the advice I would give if a parent asked.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

that is crazy about the sunburn. when i was a kid, if we weren't wearing a hat, we couldn't play or be outside at recess. we must have done PE inside or had spare hats for PE because otherwise I would have 'forgotten' my hat for PE everyday. but seriously. no hat no play because sunburn is no joke!
that is crazy about your car. hope it turns out okay.