Class of '97

Well, f*ck. In one week from today I will have graduated from high school TWENTY years ago. My class of 260 walked across the stage in our gym on Friday the 13th, 1997. I'm old and I hate it. Has anyone else gone to their reunion in the age of social media? Ours is in August and I think it'll be weird because we already know what we're all up to. It should be interesting. This little questionnaire was floating around on Facebook last month and I thought I'd do it here to mark the occasion.

The year: 1997

What kind of car did you drive? 1993 Ford Aerostar. My parents bought me a 1985 Honda Civic as an early graduation gift, but it was a stick and I didn't yet know how to drive it, so I was still cruisin' around in the family minivan.

It's Friday night football, were you there? Every single game, all through high school. I was a band geek! And even if I wasn't, I would have gone. They were fun and it was more of a social event than anything. Our team sucked.

Friday night basketball? Yes. And Tuesday and Thursday or any other day they played. We were required to play in the pep band for at least half of the home games as part of our grade. Boys basketball was the best team at our school and we went to state my senior year, so it was fun to get caught up in all the excitement. 

What kind of job did you have? I didn't. I watched my younger cousins in Colorado during the summers and stretched that money out over the school years. I also babysat about once a month. 

Were you a party animal? Not at all. I had only been to a handful of parties and probably drank five times by the time I graduated. That all changed a month after graduation though. Then I could call myself a party animal for the next five years. 

Were you in the band? Yep. I played mediocre Clarinet. It was fun up until it the last semester of senior year and that was mostly because I clashed with our teacher. But I had great friends, went on cool trips, and didn't have to take PE!

Were you a nerd? No. I wasn't the most popular, but I had friends from all groups. My best friend was a cheerleader, my boyfriend was a stoner/skater/drama kid, my group of girls were in leadership with me. I got along with just about everyone.

Can you sing the fight song? Of course. Little Miss School Spirit over here! Even though we played it in band a zillion times, we also had to sing it in front of the class by the second week of school. It's easy because it's set to the tune of Anchor's Away

How often were you in detention? I'd say six or seven times. It was always for dumb stuff like talking too much or being tardy. Once for kissing in the hallway. Oops.

What was your mascot? Knight.

If you could go back and do it again would you? That's a tough question, because if you say yes, you're pathetic and stuck in the past, right? But honestly, probably. I loved school. I had a blast, life was easy, and I think I really figured myself out my senior year. I would absolutely not want to be dropped in a current high school though. Yikes!

Are you still in contact with people? Yes. My group of girls split into smaller groups, but I'm still friends with most of them. Instead of partying at someone's house when their parents were away, we hang out at our kids' birthday parties. Facebook helps with everyone else.

Do you know where your high school sweetheart is? Vaguely. He's completely off the grid (like some kind of psycho) but lives in our hometown and works at the same place Jacob does (along with 10,000 other people so they don't see each other). I don't know anything about him though. 

What was your favorite class? Environmental Science with my favorite teacher, Mr. Green. I had him all three years of high school science. He wasn't cool or even all that happy, but I had a soft spot for him and was definitely teacher's pet.

What was your GPA? 3.4 I was thisclose to graduating with honors, but I screwed myself at the end of the year and got my first ever D! I was heartbroken over a break up and just stopped caring. 

Do you still have your class ring? I never got one. I thought they were cheesy and never would have worn it. What do people do with them after high school? I never got a letterman jacket either. 

Do you still have your yearbook? Yep!

I didn't have my picture in the senior year book because I didn't like my first shot and the day I was supposed to get my retake done, I was puffy and swollen from crying over said break up. I was called out of class to take it and found a friend in the hallway to talk to instead. I did have senior portraits taken, but they are somewhere at my parents' house. So this is me junior year. I looked the same, but with shoulder length hair and probably a lot more eyeliner.

I still can't believe it's been twenty years since high school.
Stay tuned for more posts about 1997.


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

We went to our 20th reunion last October? No, the one before. Christ this is 22 years out of school for me. It was fun, even in the age of social media.

Kelly said...

I love this, So fun! I graduated in 1999 so the big 20 year reunion is coming up fast for me... I have never been to any of my HS or college reunions - I like pretty far away from both places so it'd be a big commitment!

Misty said...

I just had my 20 year reunion two weeks ago. I need to put together a similar post. I have so many things I want to blog about and then don't. #LAZY #UNMOTIVATED

Nadine Lynn said...

I graduated in 2001 and when I vaguely made a comment about something in high school my younger sister kindly reminded me that it was probably 20 years ago and I said you bite your tongue...but...close enough. Yikes. I was a band nerd too, flute here. What fun questions to answer!!!