Music Monday - Deep Like

My kids were on spring break last week and we ran all over the Puget Sound trying to fit some fun in when it wasn't raining. (February and March broke records with 15.5 inches of rainfall, and we have yet to hit 60 degrees this year. When will spring actually come???) We took a few hikes, rode a few ferries, watched a few movies, went to the aquarium, a kids' museum, and the Museum of Flight.

I was busy with them from sun up to sun down and hardly had any time to get online. And when I did, I wanted to crawl into a hole. Trump, you guys. Trump. But also, hunting hibernating bears, all that anti-abortion legislation, Kushner, Bannon, Gorsuch's bogus confirmation, Syria, Stockholm terrorist attack, etc. I'm happy to have had that distraction and probably need to take a social media timeout more often.

I did check into Instagram every day though. It's still my favorite app and it may be trivial, but it's positive and fun and makes me happy. On Friday night, I was looking through an ex boyfriend's pics, as one does, and accidentally liked a photo from six weeks ago. I unliked it immediately and liked one from the day before instead, but oh my god!

It was a picture of him and a girl at a fancy event and it had a tag on the bottom corner, so of course I clicked on it to see who she was. That didn't work, so I clicked again and there went the double tap. He posted a screenshot! There was no actual tag! So embarrassing. The guy and I are fine. We hardly had a relationship seventeen years ago and have been friends since then, so it shouldn't be that awkward, but it totally is. 

The very next day Kristen Bell re-posted a music video by comedian Jackie Tohn called Deep Like and it's so perfect and hilarious. I can only find it on Facebook, but if you have time it's worth a watch. 

Well there's a thing happening on the world wide web and this is what it is
It's when you go really far back on Instagram and like somebody's pics
See when you're that far back be careful where you tap as you go deeper and deeper
Cause that person's gonna wake up to the notifications and you're gonna look like a creeper
Deep like, baby, deep deep like, baby

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Misty said...


I liked a photo from TWO YEARS AGO. In my defense, he doesn't post a lot. I unliked it immediately, but it was too late. Wasn't it?! OH MY GOD!

When I did it, I panicked and then laughed for like 5 minutes.