Seven Randoms

1. I finally watched Schitt's Creek and it definitely took a few episodes to find it's groove, but after episode four or five I fell in love. I mean, it's really dumb, but kind of amazing at the same time. The entire cast is awesome and I love every character, but David Rose is my absolute favorite. I haven't felt this much love for a character in a long time. I'm obsessed with him/Daniel Levy. And he writes and produces it with his dad, Eugene! Amazing. Last week, it got renewed for a fourth season. Yay!

2. My sister and I were recently talking about how we've outgrown some of our friends, but it's so hard to make new ones who have the same interests as we currently do. I meet new people all the time, but we usually only have kids in common and it becomes a friendship based on them. I told her I've made a bunch of awesome friends through blogging, but no one lives near me. She said we need an app like Tinder or Match to find local platonic relationships. I totally agree! 

3. I can't say I'm impressed by Dakota Johnson's movies or performances, but I think I really like her. She's incredibly awkward in interviews and that usually annoys me (Kristen Stewart makes me cringe), but she seems endearing and down to earth. Plus, she's so frickin' pretty. I'm a fan.

4. I'm sick. Again. I got a horrible cold/cough thing in Texas and didn't get over it for like ten days. Then my kids came down with something. I assumed I passed my cold on to them, until I woke up on Friday morning with a sore throat and runny nose. They gave me something that's been going around their school. My ears and nose are so plugged it feels like my head is going to explode. And snot just runs right down my face because I can't snort it back up or blow it out. I just lied around all weekend, going back and forth between DayQuil and NyQuil, and seriously put tissue up my nose just like this:

5. I finally saw Get Out last week. I liked it! It wasn't too scary, just really creepy. The entire time I watched it I couldn't place where I'd seen Chris before and it was bugging me. I finally realized Daniel Kaluuya played Kenneth on the first generation of Skins. He was in the same two seasons as Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult. He wasn't a main character, but if you've seen the show, you know him and love him. I also found out he was a writer on that show and also did a podcast about it. Crazy! He was also in the Black Mirror episode "Fifteen Million Merits". I love him. And he has an amazing American accent!

6. Nolan's principal called me yesterday to say that a kid in his class bit him on the shoulder. What the heck?! I had long talks with her as well as the kid's mom and the parents of another victim. Nolan's been going to school with this kid since preschool and I really feel for his situation (he's in between meds) so it was all resolved easily, but what a day! I felt like I was in my own episode of Big Little Lies. Which, by the way, is so amazing! Better than the book, I'd say. I'm not a huge fan of Reese, but think Madeline is her best role yet. And I'm so glad they gave more of a storyline to Ed, because Adam Scott is my favorite.

7. After gorging on every kind of food all over Texas, I decided to give up sugar for the month of March. I made it seven days and then Girl Scout Cookies called my name. Dammit! Tagalongs are my drug of choice. So I had to start over and now I have to go till April 8th.  


Misty said...

Tagalongs are my favorite too!

I'm loving Big Little Lies. Adam and Reese are my favorites too. And I have to agree, the show is better than the book. It's so good!

And why don't we live closer together???

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I only watched about 15 min of Big Little Lies. I can't remember the book in detail so it'll be all new. LOL

I love David Rose too. And I love Eugene and Catherine together.

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

Eating healthy while visiting Texas is impossible and/or sacrilegious.

I'm really enjoying Adam Scott in BLL too. When I first saw Nicole Kidman & Alexander Skarsgard were going to play Celeste and Perry, I was really skeptical...but I'm applauding their intense performances. Reese has Madeline nailed. Come to think of it, I ain't mad about any of the casting or performances.

Feel better!!

Jo said...

I switch between loving Schitts Creek to finding it stupid, but always end up going back to it! I watched an interview with David Rose and he was saying how he kept on making his dad do things that he knows he hats. That is just too funny!!

Oh talking about tv, I love watching American Housewife!

And I watched the fist episode of Big little lies but I don't know....

Yeah, making friends as an adult sucks!

Karen Peterson said...

Ed is the BEST!

Also, I tried watching Black Mirror, but I just couldn't do it. And, funny enough, that 15 million merits episode was where I stopped. But I did like Daniel Kaluuya. And he's good in Get Out.

I haven't given up sugar, but I have totally avoided Girl Scout cookies this year.