Seven Things I'm Good At

Last year, I wrote a post called seven things I'm bad at. I've honestly been feeling a little down on myself these past few weeks and I'm kind of in a funk, so I decided to give myself a pep talk. Here are seven things I'm pretty damn good at.

Memorizing song lyrics. When I love a song, I listen to it on repeat a few times and get those lyrics down. I'm an auditory learner so something just clicks and I know them faster than my friends. I remember breaking down rap songs or quick verses in pop songs line by line to teach them so we could all sing together. I'm also not one to mumble through the words if I can't understand them. (Jacob and my sister both just make stuff up all the time and it's hysterical.) Ok, except for years when I was little and thought these were the actual words:

(I mean, it could have been his mustached face in the mirror's reflection, right?)

Taking pills. I know grown adults who have to cut the smallest pill in half, place the teeny tiny portion at the back of their throat, and drink about a gallon of water while they gag down each piece. Not me! I take a handful of pills, vitamins and supplements each morning with a swig of water and I'm good to go. And some of them are huge! Have you ever seen an Omega-3 capsule?

Falling asleep and waking up. Ok, that just sounds dumb because every living thing falls asleep and wakes up, but I do it really, really well, you guys. I read in bed for at least a half hour every night then turn off the lamp, roll over, and I'm out in less than five minutes. I fall asleep insanely quickly in cars and and while watching movies too. I'm also a morning person, so as soon as my kids bounce into my room at 6:30 each morning, I'm up and cheery and ready to take on the day. That being said, I definitely don't get enough sleep and I'm almost always sore when I wake up because I don't lie in great positions. 

Planning vacations. There's seriously nothing I like better than having travel plans to look forward to. Every year, Jacob and I take one trip together, one with the kids, and one on our own, with our friends. We usually come up with the destination for our next vacation while we're on the current one. And then I go to town researching things to do, where to stay, and places to eat. I look up cool pictures, read reviews, and see what kind of deals I can get. Some might think I over-plan, but when I'm in a new city I like to cram in as much stuff as I possible because I never know if I'll make it back to the same place twice. 

Being on time. I have never been a late person. I didn't like walking into a class after it had already started, with all eyes on me. I held certain shifts at my earliest jobs and had to "clock" in. And I always thought it was rude to be late to an appointment because one late person ruins the schedule for the entire day! Friends of mine show up late to plans we have together and it drives me insane! One friend was so late to a play we were attending, I went in alone and watch the first 45 minutes by myself. I understand that issues come up (traffic, miscommunication, couldn't find keys), but when it happens with the same people every time, it feels like a lack of respect. I've begun telling some people to meet me a half hour before I intend to be there. And guess what? I'm STILL the early one! 

Reading. I always did well in English and language arts in school without really trying. I was an early reader and comprehension came easily. I remember a boy in my first grade class telling our teacher that I was pretending to read because I was moving my eyes back and forth, and not my mouthing the words or using my finger during SSR. Dude, that's how you read! I'm also a really fast reader. I didn't realize how fast until a few people pointed out how quickly I turn the pages when we're reading next to each other. I also love audiobooks! Like I said above, I'm an auditory learner and definitely absorb information from non-fiction books better if it's being told to me. I just have to be doing something mindless (like driving or cleaning) to really take it all in. 

Being a mom. This is what I'm struggling with at the moment. Nolan has sensory processing disorder and possibly ADHD (he'll be evaluated within the next few months) and I have become completely exhausted by talking with doctors, therapists and teachers about all the things that are "wrong" with him. And now we have to make some decisions about switching schools. I'm constantly questioning myself and criticizing every decision I've ever made, wondering if we're doing the right thing. Jacob tells me we're doing great and to stop worrying, which makes me mad at him for obviously not caring enough. But my kids are clean, eat healthy food, and have warm clothes to wear. They are good students who follow rules and are always polite and friendly. They have big imaginations and are so curious about the world we live in. And they know they are loved beyond measure. Sometimes I have to kick my own ass and remind myself of all this. 


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Crucial to know and accept our strengths and weaknesses. I also rock reading, being on time, and planning vacations!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I am a ROCKSTAR at waking up. I used to be horrible at falling asleep, but I think I'm getting better as I get older. (But I've always been someone who falls asleep super easily during movies.) And yes, 10 minutes early is on time to me. There are some people that I know are never going to be on time with anything and yet it still irritates me every time it happens!

lil desiqua said...

I used to be late all the time. Not by a lot, but like 10 min (except to work- I'm rarely late to work and if I am it's usually because of commuting issues). Then I dated (and then lived with) a guy who would literally leave me if I wasn't ready in time and would make use late, so I had to be more conscious, and since then I'm not usually the early one. LOVE planning vacations. I over-plan as well because I never think I'll be back- too many places I want to see! And I'm good at English/LA, but I'ma slow reader, and get too distracted when trying to listen to audio books. They're just not for me!

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

You ARE good at reading. I can attest to that.
Being a mom is a pretty great thing to be good at AND I like it when women can acknowledge it about themselves.
I'm pretty good at planning trips too.

Misty said...

If you're worrying about being a good mom, you already are one. So true!

I have those moments of doubt too, especially with my current situation. But the kids appear to be healthy, happy and well adjusted on all levels. I just hope they don't bash me in therapy later. ;)

I'm great at memorizing song lyrics too. If I love a song, I listen to it over and over. Like my new jam, 80s Mercedes by Maren Morris. I don't even listen to a lot of country, but they keep playing it on my pop station.

I'm good at reading in spurts then I switch to binge watching shows. I can never seem to do both simultaneously. If I'm into a show, I don't read.

I'm super jealous of your ability to fall asleep easy and wake up easy. I can do neither.