Concert Bucket List

The first concert I was ever supposed to go to was the Red Hot Chili Peppers with my boyfriend in 1996. Unfortunately I got in trouble and that's what my parents took away as my punishment. (Story here.) So my first concert ended up being at Bumbershoot (Seattle's summer music festival) right before my senior year of high school. Back then tickets were $10 a day, or $9 if you picked them up at the drug store. We sort of just wandered around and caught local bands The Presidents of the United States of America, Super Deluxe, and MxPx on small stages before seeing the Sex Pistols in the stadium.

My second concert was Beck at the Paramount Theater. It was a Valentine's Day gift from my boyfriend and even though we sat ten rows from the top, we had a blast. Festival shows are great, but not at all the same as seeing an artist on their own tour. I was officially bitten by the concert bug.

I was only into alternative music back then, so some of my other early concerts were The Offspring, NOFX, Save Ferris, Cake, Garbage, The Specials, Hole, and Zebrahead. I wore my Dr. Martens in (well, along the perimeter of) the mosh pit and wore the bruises that appeared the next day as a badge of honor.

Over the years my tastes changed and I embraced the pop music I made so much fun of as a teen. In the twenty years that I've been going to shows I've seen alternative rock, screamo, country, hair band, pop, folk, hip hop, metal, boy band, classic rock, rap, funk, ska, oldies, and punk concerts. Basically, the only thing I haven't attended is an EDM show.

I kept my first few concert stubs in a box with a bunch of other crap from my high school boyfriend. As I kept going to more and more shows, I decided to save all of them. I even started a list of all the concerts I've ever been to since I didn't always have a ticket stub to match up with all the bands. (You can check out my list right here.) 

I also have a list of bands on my bucket list. Last year I had to remove David Bowie, Prince, and George Michael. David Bowie hadn't been to Seattle since 1996. He only played a theater and it was impossible to get tickets. I honestly never thought I'd see him in my lifetime, but it was always a wish. George Michael came to Seattle in 2008 and I honestly didn't know about it until the next day when my friend raved about how awesome it was. I was eight months pregnant, so I'll just blame it on that. It seemed like Prince toured every single year and had been in Seattle in 2011 (it sold out) and 2013 (it was $300 at a small club) so I thought I'd have the best chance to see him. 2016 really did a number on these icons. 

So now, the only ones left on my bucket list are Adele, Spice Girls, The Killers, The Veronicas, and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Oh, scratch that last one. I just got tickets to see them in August! They usually play the Gorge (see here) and I really feel like I'm too old to go out there, so I was happy to see they'll be at Safeco Field. The Lumineers are opening and they put on an awesome show too! 

I remember watching the music video for Don't Come Around Here No More over and over as a kid. My dad introduced them to me, but don't think I liked them on my own until Mary Jane's Last Dance came out and I bought their greatest hits CD with babysitting money. I've basically wanted to see them in concert since then. So, like, 25 years ago?! I cannot wait! 


Misty said...

I'm so happy for my concert bucket list in 2017. Crossed off RHCP last month. Tom Petty is coming in May, and I can't wait! I've wanted to see him for a really long time. Memphis has been stepping up for their concert game. I'm going to have to watch myself because I'll go broke buying concert tickets. I think I'm done for the year. (RHCP, Garth, Twenty One Pilots, Tom Petty, Bruno Mars) I don't have tix to Bruno yet. We're waiting and buying last minute on StubHub.

Misty said...

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Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

Like you, I am a concert fiend. Fortunately, I can't say that I have any true "bucket list" shows at this point that I feel like I must see. I think Britney is the only one who comes to mind that I intend to see but haven't yet.

I never saw Bowie either and wished I did. I did see George and Prince...both amazing...and I'm not just saying that because they're gone.

I took a look at your complete list. I think yours is probably way more well-rounded than mine. Admittedly, with mine, I didn't include all the country folks I've seen. And, I didn't count how many times I've seen some bands/artists multiple times.

I tried to think to myself, "who would I recommend you to see that you haven't seen yet?" Now...don't laugh at me...but since you are a concert fanatic and a movie fan too, I'd recommend seeing a Rob Zombie show. He is a great showman and performer and his stage production is always really cool. But, I get it if that's a genre that doesn't interest some people.

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

Here's a link to my list, if you're interested:


Karen Peterson said...

I'm still really sad about the legends we lost in 2016.

I've seen The Killers and they are AWESOME.

My bucket list includes Adele, Maroon 5, Celine Dion (yeah, really), Elton John and Matchbox 20. There's a long story about Matchbox and I'm determined to see them together one day. My list used to include Coldplay, but I got to see them last year and I still get all happy thinking about that one.