Women's March on Seattle

I marched for women. I marched for children. I marched for people of color. I marched for the LGBTQ community. I marched for the environment. I marched for health care. I marched for veterans. I marched for immigrants. I marched for criminal justice reform. I marched for sexual assault victims. I marched for education. I marched for Muslims. I marched for reproductive rights. I marched for people with disabilities. I marched for the America I believe in.

175,000 people marched 3.6 miles to show their support. It was a beautiful, positive day and every single person was friendly and supportive. I was proud to be a part of this historic moment and all the negativity and questioning (by a lot of middle class white women *eyeroll*) can't take that away from me.


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Amazing! I visited my mom this weekend, so I didn't get to do the Portland march, but last minute we decided to go to the little march in Longview. The pictures and attendance from all over are amazing!

Misty said...

I love the You're So Vain and Yuge Mistake signs. Ha!

Thank you for marching. And thank you for explaining why you marched. Clearly there are a lot of people who still don't get it.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Love love love all of your pics. And your reasons for marching.

The boys will be sign is my favorite as well as the You're So Vain sign.