My kids are both in school this year, and since I'm a SAHM, I was worried I wasn't going to know what to do with myself while they were gone all day. I thought about applying for a part time job, but when their elementary school hit a kindergarten enrollment record and had to add another class at the last minute, I decided my time would be best spent helping out Milo's teacher. I already planned to be there once a week, which is what I've always done in Nolan's classes, but his teacher came out of retirement to help the school and is so grateful for support, I just couldn't resist. Plus, I love her so much, I'd do anything she asked of me. I'm also a lot more involved in the PTA so I'm at the school at least twice a week, sometimes more. My other days are spent cleaning, running errands, going to appointments, seeing movies, lunching with friends, etc. Things I hadn't been able to do for YEARS without my kids in tow. I'm incredibly lucky.

Cut to two months later. November 9th to be exact. I was devastated by the election results. Absolutely gutted. I watched Hillary's concession speech and after I heard her say, "Let's do all we can to keep advancing the causes and values we all hold dear," I jumped on the computer to see how I could help. I immediately set up monthly donations to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, but didn't feel like that was enough. So I hopped over to their volunteer pages to see if I could get involved. I wondered if there was a way to use my legal background with the ACLU, but Seattle was looking for interns and employees. (That's definitely something I'm keeping in mind when I decide to go back to work!) Planned Parenthood had a ton of openings at the health center twenty minutes from me. I applied online that very minute, was contacted the next day, had a phone interview the following week, went through online training and background checks, and finally got a medical records assistant position.

Yesterday was my first day. Since all of my communication up to this point had been with the volunteer coordinator who services Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and Idaho, I had no idea who I'd be working with. Turns out, I love her. Everyone at the health center was so welcoming and warm and kind. It makes me so happy to help an organization I really believe in, even if it's just making copies, sorting mail, stuffing envelopes, and filing. I've committed to one day a week for six months, but hope to continue somehow when my kids are out of school this summer.


Misty said...

This is amazing! I'm definitely interested in volunteering this year too. I've got a few possible options lined up. PP isn't really feasible for me because of its location and my full-time day job.

Gwen said...

This is awesome! So glad you had a great first day!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Congrats on the new gig! They are lucky to have you! It's awesome you are taking action to make the changes you want to see and getting out there!

Karen Peterson said...

I think if more people would give some of their time to causes they believe in, the world would be a much better place.

(I DO recognize that it's not easy for a lot of people, and for some it's next to impossible. But I think most people can at least carve a little time out to do something.)