Ten Birthday Freebies

I had such a great birthday week! Though my official birthday was Friday the 13th, I started celebrating on Wednesday when my BFF came to visit from California. I spent the next few days eating out, drinking margaritas, and watching movies (La La Land and Passengers; both good) with friends and family. I also saw the musical Finding Neverland, which was a snooze-fest. Literally. My friend and I both kept falling asleep and decided to leave at intermission. It might have been because I was exhausted, but I just wasn't feeling any of the songs and didn't care to see any more. And yesterday, after all my friends were gone, Jacob took me and the boys to the mountains to play in the snow and then went to a hockey game. It was a blast and now I'm exhausted!

I've also been busy the last few days picking up all of my birthday freebies. I sort of forgot how many I would receive until the emails started rolling in. I ended up with ten!

Julep If you're a Maven, Julep sends you 200 extra Jules on your birthday. That'll come in handy when I'm ready to add more sunscreen to my subscription box later this month.

Jersey Mike's I redeemed my birthday coupon for a free regular sub (#7 is my fave) and a fountain drink.

Kendra Scott Washington finally got our first Kendra Scott store in November! I used my 50% off deal (just show your ID during your birthday month) and got the Elisa pendant in gray hematite and after spending a bunch of time in the store I added four other pieces to my wish list. 

Cinemark I haven't made it to this theater yet, but when I go I have a free small popcorn waiting for me. (It's good for ten days.)

Red Robin My BFF wanted lunch at Red Robin because there isn't one near his house in Cali. I got a free birthday burger.

Starbucks I went to coffee with a friend and tried a Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa as my free birthday drink. (P.S. It was gross.) (P.P.S. It expires the day after your birthday so you have to get on it.)

Redbox I got a coupon code for a free birthday rental. I've got two weeks to use it.

Jamba Juice I let my kids have my free small smoothie.

Sephora VIB birthday gifts are always fun. I chose the Tarte mini set, which came with the Amazonian Clay 12- hour blush in Paaarty and the Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint in Birthday Suit. 

Regal Cinemas I upgraded my free birthday popcorn to a medium for a dollar so I could share with Jacob.  

I just found out Tory Burch sends you a $50 gift card on your birthday! I was too late for it this year, but I've already signed up for my next birthday.

What freebies do you get? Am I missing any good ones from my list?


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What? I loooved the snickerdoodle hot chocolate and I don't even really like hot chocolate lol. Tell me more about Kendra Scott. You don't get notified, you just go in? I think I had the Elsa necklace but I returned it bc it was a chocked on me lol!

Jana @ Jana Says said...

I love free birthday stuff! I definitely don't take advantage of it like you do. This is some major inspiration to do that.

Elle Sees said...

I think ulta sends something too? I forget. But I need to do that KS deal! WOW! Thanks! And glad you had a good birthday!

Misty said...

I was going to blog about this year before last because I received quite a few. Now I can't remember because I unsubscribed from so many deals. Ha!

LESS SHOPPING IN 2017! (Ugh. Wish me luck.)

Misty said...

Also, saying LESS SHOPPING IN 2017 reminds me of Ross/Friends.


Or in my case, JUST THE ONE DIVORCE IN '17!

If I could insert the side eye emoji here, I would. LOL

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love the Sephora VIB gifts for birthdays. Looking forward to mine!

DD does a free birthday coffee too. And LOFT sends you a coupon.

Karen Peterson said...

Yay for free birthday stuff!

lil desiqua said...

So many great freebies! In addition to what Steph said, Qdoba offers a BOGO entree for birthdays, CVS gives a coupon, Cheap Caribbean gives you $100 off your next vacation, Best Buy gives 10% off anything (not big, but still, a little something!), Payless offers 25% off everything, UNO gives $10 off orders of $25, IHOP gives free stack of pancakes, Moe's and Chevy's offer free burritos, Hooter's gives 10 free wings, Wendy's gives you a discount on any combo, Sbarro offers up a free slice of pizza, Cold Stone Creamery has a BOGO offer, and Ulta gives your 2x points for the month and a free product (this year I got a free Urban Decay eyeshadow!).

As you can see, I don't really pay for food during birthday month lol. Happy belated birthday!