Random Thoughts and Feelings

Gwen Stefani. I was so skeptical about her new album because the last No Doubt album was crap and while I liked her previous random singles just fine, they didn't wow me. I LOVE this new album though! I've been listening to it on repeat since I picked it up from Target on Friday (I don't usually buy CDs, but I gotta get those bonus tracks!) There are a few embarrassing songs (Red Flag and Naughty) but they are so damn catchy, it's hard to hate them. I really don't like Send Me A Picture though. We all know these sappy love songs are about Blake Shelton and just, no. I don't want to hear about sexting with him. She also pronounces "picture" like "pitcher" and that KILLS ME. Otherwise, I'm really into it!

I'm an idiot. For some reason, a random college memory popped in my head the other day. I'm not even sure what the assignment was, but my BFF and I wrote and recited a poem about OCD in front of our Biology 101 class with zero research whatsoever. We were hanging out at my house, probably drinking, and based it on stereotypes of compulsive hand washing and constant counting. I don't know how, but we got a 3.8 in that class. And that's exactly why this rings so true:

Movie Theaters. I love movies and going to the theater is my favorite way to watch them because they look better, sound better, affect me more, and I like being around people who are also into the experience. A few people have recently commented on it, not understanding why I'd spend so much money just on movies. Yeah, it's expensive these days, but I don't get food every time and I have a rewards card at all the theaters I go to. Jacob only goes to about one a month with me, but I have a handful of other friends I go with, so I'm just paying for myself that way. We do take the kids, but only 4-5 times a year and yes, it costs us $60+, but it's something we enjoy. Also, why do people care how I spend my money?! You don't know my life! 

Dead 7. Have you heard of this upcoming post-apocalyptic wild west zombie movie staring a bunch of boy banders? It has Nick, Howie and AJ from Backstreet Boys, Joey and Chris from NSync, everybody from O-Town except for Ashley Parker Angel, and some guys from 98 Degrees, All-4-One and even the singer from Everclear. Is this for real? It airs on Syfy on April 1 so maybe it's an elaborate joke? It's produced by the Sharknado people, so probably not. And I'm probably going to tune in. LOL!

Freaks and Geeks. When I read Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow last year, I took a picture of this passage because it struck a chord with me. I just found it on my computer and it hit me again. I related to Lindsay so much. I was a good kid who hung out with the bad kids, but I didn't do anything that bad. I pushed my limits and I had a major attitude problem, but I really did love my family. I hope to have the same kind of relationship with my kids when they are teens.

Donald Trump. I'm not going to really get into it because this post could go on for days and my rage prevents me from articulation. The thing is, we all know he's a terrible person with zero experience who would put our country at risk. I've been paying attention, but not engaging, and silently hoping this thing will all blow over. He's not going away though. If we ALL know he's scum, who is voting for him? I only know a few people in real life who admit to supporting him and I look at them in a whole new light because the things Trump says make my heart hurt. This election is a nightmare.

Letters. I've recently read a few books where the main characters do some letter writing. I went to Colorado for the summer after 10th grade to babysit my younger cousins. This was before email and cell phones, so my best friend and I wrote letters multiple times a week. Sometimes I'd get bored and use my aunt's typewriter or send letters in code to mix it up. I'd fold the pages just like the notes we passed in class and doodle on the envelopes. My how times have changed. I still send cards in the mail, but I can't remember the last time I actually sat down and wrote a letter!

O.J. Simpson. I'm obsessed with everything OJ right now, thanks to American Crime Story. There are only three episodes of the best show on TV. Boo. But I've also been watching all the interviews and specials, I read Faye Resnick's book, I watched O.J. Speaks: The Hidden Tapes about his civil case, and I can't wait for ESPN's seven-and-a-half hour documentary (O.J.: Made in America) this summer. But seriously, the show is so good. I just read season two will follow six to eight people and their experiences in Hurricane Katrina. I'm all about that too!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Holy crap YES to Trump being the comment section. NIGHTMARE IN PROGRESS. Wake me up when it's over.

Say what? I don't want to spend MY money in movie theaters but I don't care if you do. In fact, I like that you do, so you can tell me about the movies I will probably never see. LOLOL WIN WIN.

Wait...one of Gwen's songs is about sexting? Gah

Jana @ Jana Says said...

I've seen that Trump one before and YES. That's it, exactly.

F&G is one of my all-time favorite shows. I still talk about it constantly. Drives my husband insane.

As far as the movies go, why do people care how you spend your money? How is their business? We've been going more lately and while I still prefer watching movies at home, it's still fun to see it in the theater.

Jo said...

Your money, you can spend it on what you want.
Also totally hooked on the OJ series!!
Do you know what is shocking, I know (people who I thought were smart & normal) who are planning on voting for Trump!!! WTF???

Karen Peterson said...

I love going to movies at the theater. Especially now that they have the fancy theaters with the leather recliners and service right to your seat. It's expensive, but lovely!

The People vs. OJ Simpson is really good and I smell a lot of Emmys. But the case still makes me so unbelievably angry!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

seriously, i keep waiting for trump to blow over as well. please blow over!

' Also, why do people care how I spend my money?! You don't know my life! ' hahaha that made me laugh so hard. i love love love love going to the movies and used to do it all the time (every single thursday night with my mum) and even on my own sometimes. KC isn't a big fan, and he will only go to a movie if he REALLY wants to see it, so we rarely go. i always say i'll go on my own but then he's like okay fine i'll go, and then i'm like well don't worry about it! haha.

anyway. i also hate when people eat really loud at the movies, it makes me want to hit them over the head.. another reason i don't go a lot. but i do love it! a rewards thingy is a great idea.

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

The last No Doubt album did nothing for me as well. On Gwen's solo stuff, I always find that one or two are a little too sweet and annoying, but overall I love her stuff.

Donald Trump. I'm ashamed of America for this debacle. I love you, America...but I'm disappointed.

Movies. You can spend your own dang money however you want! I'm pretty sure we will be seeing Batman vs. Superman this weekend with the stepson.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Every time I watch The People v. O.J. Simpson I get riled up. It's so intense. They've done a phenomenal job. I feel like I'm back watching the trial again. SO MUCH EVIDENCE!! HOW DID HE GET OFF?!

Trump - Vomit

Also, "You don't know my life!" cracked me up!!!