Facebook Bucket List

Have you seen this bucket list thing going around Facebook? There's no way I was going to participate over there, but I'm lacking some blogging motivation and inspiration, so why not do it here? I'm really phoning it in these days, eh? But this way is better so I have the space to elaborate a little.

(   ) Shot a gun 
I don't ever want to.

(   ) Gone on a blind date

(X) Skipped school
Yes, and got caught because I forgot to forge a parent note the next day. Ha!

(   ) Watched someone die

(X) Visited Canada
All the time.

(X) Visited Hawaii
I've been to Oahu twice and we're going to the big island this summer!

(   ) Visited Cuba

(X) Visited Europe
Nine countries in three weeks for our honeymoon. I want to go back!

(   ) Visited South America

(X) Visited Las Vegas
Five times. I even got married there!

(   ) Visited Central America

(   ) Visited Asia
Sometime in my life I'd like to see Japan, China, the Maldives, India, and UAE. 

(   ) Visited Africa
South Africa is the place I most want to go. Someday, someday.

(X) Visited Florida
It's where my dad's side of the family lived and my grandparents owned a hotel so we visited many times. I also lived there in kindergarten (Jacksonville) and seventh grade (Palm Bay). 

(X) Visited Mexico
When I was five. I don't remember anything. I don't really want to go back though.

(   ) Seen the Grand Canyon in person
That's definitely a family vacation bucket list item.

(   ) Flown in a helicopter
I don't know that I would. I'm a baby.

(   ) Served on a jury
I probably won't ever be able to because I'm a paralegal.

(   ) Been lost
I mean, driving around a new city for a few minutes, before iPhones were invented, but not really lost, lost.

(X) Traveled to the opposite side of the country
I've been all over the east coast.

(X) Visited Washington, DC
Two months after 9/11 during the anthrax scare so everything was closed. I can't wait to go back.

(X) Swam in the ocean
In the Atlantic and Pacific.

(X) Cried yourself to sleep
Heartbreak is a real bitch.

(   ) Played cops and robbers

(   ) Played cowboys and Indians

(X) Recently colored with crayons

(X) Sang karaoke
My go to songs were Love Shack (B-52s), Stay (Lisa Loeb), She's Has a Girlfriend Now (Reel Big Fish), and It's Tricky (Run DMC). 

(   ) Sang a solo or duet in church
Despite doing it all the time, I can't actually sing well at all. And I don't go to church.

(   ) Paid for a meal with coins only
For fun or out of necessity? Either way, no.

(X) Made prank phone calls
What else was there to do after school in sixth grade?

(X) Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose
It was Fresca and it hurt.

(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue

(X) Had children

(X) Had a pet
In my lifetime I've had cats named Shadow, Stewart, Kennedy, Brian Austin Green, and our current two, Jack and Sally. We also had a chow-husky mix named Lady growing up.  

(   ) Been skinny-dipping
I only went as far as a bra and underwear.

(   ) Been fishing
I have ZERO desire to look at, swim with, touch, or eat a fish. Ok, that's not true. I like aquariums, but fish kinda freak me out.

(X) Been boating

(   ) Been downhill skiing
I tried snowboarding twice, but it's not my thing. 

(   ) Been water skiing
Nope, just tubing.

(X) Been camping in a trailer/RV

(X) Been camping in a tent

(   ) Driven a motorcycle
I've been on one, when I was like ten and my dad drove it around the neighborhood. And that was enough for me! I'm a chicken.

(   ) Been bungee-jumping
No thanks.

(X) Gone to a drive-in movie
Many times. Hopefully again this summer with the kids for the first time!

(   ) Done something that could have killed you
I'm sure I made some dumb decisions, but as you can tell from my above comments, I'm kind of a wimp, so I don't usually put myself in those situations.

(   ) Done something that you will regret for the rest of your life
I've done things I'm not proud of, but everything happens for a reason, right?

(   ) Rode an elephant

(   ) Rode a camel

(X) Eaten just cookies or cake or ice cream for dinner
I can't think of a specific time, but probably.

(   ) Been on TV
Not anything other than public-access or in the crowd at a game.

(X) Stolen any traffic signs
I wasn't the one to unscrew it, but I was the one that went home with it.

(X) Been in a car accident
A few, but nothing where anyone was injured.

(X) Been in the hospital in past 24 months
Tracheal dilation surgery puts me there about every 4-5 months.

(X) Donated blood
I used to go every eight weeks, but it's been a while. I need to make an appointment. The last few times my iron was low.

(   ) Gotten a speeding ticket in the past 12 months
Yay! I used to get one a few times a year. I've slowed down in my old age and with kids in the car.

(X) Gotten a piercing
Two in each year and a cartilage piercing, but I've let all but the bottom holes close up. I also had my tongue pierced for about five years. That's a story for another day.

(   ) Gotten a Tattoo
I like them on other people, but I don't want one.

(X) Driven a manual transmission vehicle
My first car was a stick. Sometimes I miss it and drive Jacob's car around town.

(   ) Ever owned your dream car
I don't even know what my dream car is. I'm not that into cars.

(X) Been Married

(   ) Been divorced

(X) Fell in love
A handful of times. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes without even realizing it.

(X) Fell out of love
I think I only fell out of love once. I was dumped the rest of the times. Haha!

(   ) Paid for a strangers meal
I've given money to people in need or handed over food, but I've never done it at a restaurant before. I should!

(X) Driven over 100mph
I used to get about that fast on a short stretch of I-5 coming home from college on the weekends.

(   ) Been scuba diving or snorkeling
I never want to. See above about fish.

(   ) Written a published book/story/poetry

(   ) Eaten snails
Jacob did while we were in France, but I couldn't bring myself to try it.


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I have no interest in bungee jumping. I'd jump out of an airplane but no thanks to bungees.

lil desiqua said...

NINE countries in three weeks?! Holy smokes, that's a lot! Where did you go? That sounds amazing.

Also, what Steph said. I've been skydiving, but bungee jumping freaks me out because that bungee cord doesn't seem all that secure, and I'd be afraid of getting whiplash or something.

Jana @ Jana Says said...

This sounds more like a "how much have you done" list than a bucket list. I don't like it as a bucket list because there are many, many things on there I have zero desire to do and it comes across like everyone should want to do them. Bungee jumping? Nope. Eat snails? Not a chance in hell. Same with guns. No, no, no.

Karen Peterson said...

I've done a few of the things that you haven't, but we have a lot of these in common, too!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh i haven't got a speeding ticket in the last 12 months either! yay. my last one was 2012. phew.
i don't want to fly in a helicopter either. no thanks!

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

I have this sitting in draft form waiting for me to fine tune it (for the very same reasons you did it). I liked reading yours, so I shall post mine in the next week (I'd guess.)

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Excellent post! I should do this too. I have no desire to fly in a helicopter. I already know I'd freak out.