Current Book
I'm reading Sanctuary Bay and listening to Fortune Smiles right now.

Current Playlist
Beyoncé - Formation
Selena Gomez - Hands to Myself
Foxes - Wicked Love
Panic! At The Disco - Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time
Mr. Oizo feat. Charlie XCX - Hand in the Fire
Hilary Duff - Little Lies
Zayn - Pillowtalk

Current Color
Did you see this totally embarrassing mani of mine on Instagram? I never get nail art, but decided to do a little something for Disneyland last week. This Mickey is tragic and upside down! I was going to try and fix it before I left, but didn't even bother. I finally have an appointment to get it all removed this afternoon. I really like the OPI GelColor in 5 Apples Tall though.

Current Food
It's that time of year again...

Current Favorite Show
I'm all about The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story right now.
I also loved every minute of Chelsea Does.
And I can't wait for Netflix shows Love and Fuller House.

Current Need
A babysitter. We've only ever used family and I think it's time we
hire a teenager so we can do little things like go to dinner or a movie.

Current Celebrity Crush
I'm not crushing especially hard on anyone right now, but am loving these up and coming actors!

Alden Ehrenreich
I loved him as Hobie in Hail, Caesar! and thought he stole the show.
His upcoming movies (The Yellow Birds and an untitled Warren Beatty project) sound pretty good too.

Alicia Vikander
She was AMAZING in The Danish Girl and is playing Isabel in
The Light Between Oceans later this year. She'll also be in Jason Bourne.  

Billy Magnussen
The Tony nominated actor is currently playing Kato Kaelin in American Crime Story. He also had small parts in The Big Short
and Bridge of Spies this year, but you might remember him best as Rapunzel's Prince in Into The Woods.

Current Favorite App
I can play 1010! for an hour while watching TV. It's addicting!

Current Indulgence
Although I really need to be on a spending freeze, I just bought a new curling iron and
Amazon Fires and cases for my kids (they are only $40 right now). The freeze starts Monday!

Current Excitement
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Trevor Noah
My nephew's first birthday
Buying tickets to see Beyoncé and The Lumineers this summer
Mariners baseball
Planning for Hawaii

Current Favorite Quote
I'm sort of quoted out right now. This is a good one.

Current Movie
I saw Hail, Caesar! last weekend. It was silly and entertaining enough, but nothing special. Jacob and I are going to see Deadpool this weekend and My BFF and I are already planning to see How to be Single when he comes to visit in a few weeks.

Current Wish List Item
A bunch of stuff from KEEP Collective. I'm having an online social next month. Let me know if you want an invite!

Current Favorite Product
Jackery mini portable phone charger.
This was a lifesaver at Disneyland when I was taking pictures and looking at the wait times on the DL app all day.
I charged my phone when we sat down for lunch or dinner every day. Works like a charm!

What are you currently up to?


Jana @ Jana Says said...

I ordinarily loathe superhero/comic movies but I'm intrigued by Deadpool. I'm thinking that if the child goes to a friend's on Monday and the husband is off work, we might go see it.

The OJ show is AMAZING. I wonder if I hadn't lived through it if I'd have a different perspective. But I remember the chase and the trial and the day the verdict was announced so it's like watching this really cool living history movie. David Schwimmer is KILLING IT (no pun intended).

We bought Weezer and Pearl Jam tickets, and are doing $10 Tuesdays at Camden Yards for some games. I love planning entertainment and vacations.

Kimberlee VDW said...

Definitely listening to Beyonce's "Formation" on repeat. Can't wait for Fuller House!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I have two jackery chargers, both with multiple charge capacity. I love them and they are a life saver when I'm out for the day using my phone for directions, restaurants, etc. in addition to photos.

Let me know how deadpool is!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Cadbury eggs, YES. Our favorite shows/shows we're excited about are basically identical. I actually haven't watched Chelsea Does yet though, but I am planning on it! She cracks me up. I really want to see How to be Single and Deadpool too!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

$40 for a fire? should i get it? i want it. tell me i should get it?

KC and I are going to see deadpool this weekend. he said he would see a girly movie with me for my birthday but i didn't want to listen to him complain and roll his eyes haha

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I still need to watch Chelsea Does. Loving The People v. O.J. Simpson. The car chase episode gave me all the feels. Also, I really need to get one of those chargers.

Micah said...

I love my KEEP Collective pieces. I'm currently hosting a social, and I'm looking forward to adding to my collection.

Karen Peterson said...

The People vs. OJ Simpson is bringing up all sorts of long-forgotten memories and emotions. Basically, it's freaking pissing me off all over again. But the show is really well done, so I can appreciate it from that aspect.

I need to see a few more movies for the Oscars, and then I can start enjoying some 2016 releases. Chris and I were thinking of going to Deadpool over the weekend, but stuff happened and then we couldn't. Oh well.

Jennifer Roup said...

My girlfriends and I LOVED How to be Single!