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Hello? Anyone here? It's been almost four weeks since I last posted! Let's catch up.

Birthday. Today is my birthday and I get one every year and someday, hard to believe, but I'll be buried six feet underground. Anyone know that song? It's random, so let me know if you know! Today really is my birthday though. I was supposed to see Janet Jackson in concert tonight, but she cancelled the rest of her tour. Since I'm old and it's a Wednesday, we aren't doing any celebrating today. On Saturday Jacob and I went to a hockey game and on Sunday the boys made me birthday brownies (with thirty frickin' seven candles) and we went out to eat at my favorite burger joint. This weekend my sister and I are going to see my boyfriends, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper.

Health. I've been sick since Vegas back in November. I kept feeling worse then better then crappy again. I was using Robitussin and NyQuil every day for almost two weeks. Sadly, it's not completely gone. I'm wondering now if I have walking pneumonia or something, but I already did a round of antibiotics and steroids so I don't want to go back to the doctor. To top it off, my kids caught the Norovirus from a birthday party they went to at an indoor bounce house place. The party the day before brought it in with them and at least half the kids and a few adults from our party are puking their brains out. Hopefully Jacob and I don't get it!

Surgery. I found out last week that the contract between my hospital and my HMO is ending. I had no idea it was happening! I've been going to my surgeon since 2009 for procedures on my trachea at least three times a year. He's hands down the best doctor I've ever had and now I have to start all over with a new doctor and new hospital. I literally cried for an hour, which may sound stupid, but surgery is scary and stressful and I felt safe there. He's trying to get me approved for one last surgery at the end of the month before I have to move along. Ugh!

This image is from an app called Little Throat Doctor. WTF?

Making a Murderer. I'm obsessed! Jacob and I started watching it together, but he said it was too sad and told me to go on without him, so I finished in two days. It was heartbreaking and sickening and disturbing. I work in criminal defense and can't imagine anything going down that way here. Just remember, like in every documentary, someone is trying to sell one side of the story. After I watched the finale I read every article I could find and it's all very suspicious. Without giving away any spoilers, I don't believe Avery should've been convicted and I cannot get over how Brendan was/is treated. It made me want to throw up.

Comedians. Jacob and I saw Iliza Schlesinger last month. She's amazing and smart and hilarious and we had a great time at our favorite little comedy club. We also bought tickets to see Trevor Noah next month. I wanted to see Joel McHale again, but we couldn't fit it into our schedule. I love stand-up!

Housekeeper. Jacob asked what I wanted for my birthday and like the old, tired, under-appreciated mom I am, I said, "A clean house." He came through, you guys! He called a cleaning company and had them at our house last week to clean the hardwood floors, windows, blinds, and bathrooms and it was amazing. 

MMA. Jacob owned his own MMA gym, with two other friends, for a little over five years. He and his partners are all super busy with families and jobs and it just got to be too much to run the business when they'd rather be participating. So last month they closed up shop and combined with another local martial arts gym where Jacob can still teach and coach and enjoy the part of the gym he really loves. I think we're both a lot happier. Toward the end he was the only one working and had to put in a lot more hours than he wanted to.

Disneyland. T-minus 18 days till Disneyland! Even with all the refurbishments and closures for stupid Star Wars Land (which I'm sure will be cool, I'm just not into Star Wars and this construction is messing with my vacation), I'm really excited for it. My brother has been working in San Diego for the last five months and may be able to drive up to join us. 

Five-year-old. While we're in Disneyland, Milo will be turning five! Waaaaahhhh! He's still such my baby and I can't believe how fast time is flying. He's going to have the best birthday ever. 

Sensory Processing Disorder. Nolan is super smart but has always been a little less than typical in other areas of development. We've had him evaluated for things like for ADHD and ASD in the past but nothing was wrong. I finally pushed for a SPD evaluation and sure enough, that's what he's dealing with. Now he's in occupational therapy once a week. The only issue I'm having now is getting his school involved. They said that since he isn't suffering academically and he's not a distraction in class, there are no services available to him. I'm willing to do whatever I can at home though. 

Movies. The Oscar nominations are going to be announced tomorrow morning! I've been seeing tons of really good movies lately am hoping to see The Revenant this week. I still need to see The Hateful Eight and think 13 Hours looks good too. I can't wait to see which movies made the cut. Stay tuned for my reviews on all these: 


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! I hope you enjoy your day in the good old old lady way - doing whatever you want even if it's laying around or going to bed early. LOL Today is my SIL's birthday too.

Otherwise you have given me too much to comment on. LOL

I don't know if I believe Avery is innocent, but I think he didn't get a fair trial. The most upsetting thing to me about the entire thing though was Brendan. I really don't think he had anything to do with it and I think even if he did he did NOT get a fair trial and I can't believe they've denied his appeals based on the evidence they presented about his original lawyer and the freaking ahole investigator sidekick. I want to be best friends with Dean Strang and Jerry Buting.

I'm glad you know what Nolan is dealing with, hopefully you can get a good team on your side to help him.

So sorry about losing your doctor - I probably would've cried too.

Sounds like a good move on the MMA gym!

Jana @ Jana Says said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It sounds like you've had a great celebration so far! I hope it continues!!!

MAM. I was infuriated after seeing Brendan interrogated not only by the cops but by the investigator HIS LAWYER hired. I screamed at the TV. A LOT. I don't know that Steve is 100% innocent but I don't believe he's the one that killed Teresa, either, and there was just too much suspicious activity with the police. Also, THE BROTHER AND BOYFRIEND LISTENED TO HER VOICE MAILS AND DELETED THEM??? Why did no one make a bigger deal of this? It's all suspect. And Dean Strang and Jerry Buting kicked some lawerly ass.

I'm sorry you're losing your doctor.

I saw The Hateful Eight last weekend. It's typical Tarantino but Walton Goggins? OMG. I love him even more now.

Karen Peterson said...


Iliza is coming here next month and Chris and I were talking about going, but I don't think I've quite convinced him. He has no idea who she is.

That totally sucks about your hospital and doctor. I'm sorry about that. And about the fact that you've been sick for so long. That sounds miserable.

Um...there were other things I was going to say but now I can't remember. Oh, yeah. Disneyland! Call me! We need to get together!

And I can't wait to hear your thoughts about those movies. I feel like I haven't seen anything lately besides The Revenant and Star Wars.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Happy birthday!

I finally caved and went to the doctor yesterday. Bronchitis. Prednisone. Kill me now.

We talk Making A Murderer all the time at work. One of my coworkers thinks he's guilty. We argue about it all the time.

I want to see The Hateful Eight so bad. I've seen Star Wars and pretty much nothing else.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

happy birthday!!! i don't know that song, i'm sorry. that sucks about janet jackson, but YAY A CLEAN HOUSE omg I would love that for my birthday. disneyland!!! how excitement. i know you're not a star wars fan but I bet we'll be planning a disneyland trip once it's done, KC would love it.

lil desiqua said...

1. Happy Birthday! That sucks about Ms. Jackson, but yay for brownies, burgers, and the show coming up!

2. No Doubt- Six Feet Under (I have that album!)

3. Ugh, so sorry you've been sick AND that that contract has ended. I surely would have cried. Maybe he can recommend another surgeon?

4. I saw Iliza's "Freezing Hot" HBO special and am trying to convince my friend to go see her in May, but we already are going to a few other concerts and shows, and I really need to save for a vacation!

5. Um. How did I not hear about Star Wars Land? I've never been to Disneyland (only Disneyworld)... YAY for vacation! Hope it's an awesome time!

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

Hooray for birthdays and living & loving another year!
I haven't watched Making a Murderer. I don't watch tv much anymore. We don't have Netflix, but we ARE talking about getting it. This show is one of the first in a long time that is making me really want to see it. I've always been fascinated with criminal justice. I was a Sociology major. I've worked in a juvenile prison. In my area where I grew up, we had a guy who had a conviction overturned in 1990ish after serving 10 years on death row. He still hasn't received compensation money from the state that he is supposed to have received. I have a couple of friends who are ADAs or defense attorneys. I've sat on a jury trial that gave a guy a 90 year sentence. So, I have strong opinions about the justice system. When INjustice happens, that pisses me off.
Disneyland. Love it. What a great way for your son to spend his 5th birthday.
The pic of your son and the kitty...adorable.
Feel better my dear. Being sick sucks!

Elle Sees said...

happy belated bday!!
i saw carol and the danish girl, and liked both.
and omg DL is my FAVE. i'm doing to MK next month, but DL will forever be my fave. have fun!!

Cole said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm so sorry that you're still not feeling 100%. Hopefully by the time you go to Disney! I haven't watched Making a Murderer yet...but I have plans to binge watch over the long weekend.

I'm so jealous you're going to see Trevor Noah! I've heard his routines are awesome!