When Life Kicks You In The Knee

While I was recovering from surgery last weekend, Jacob thought he'd be a dear and take the boys out to a lake his family was visiting. They had a great time playing with cousins, picnicking, building sandcastles, and going on kayak and canoe rides. When Jacob brought the canoe ashore, he stepped out of the boat into what he thought was ten inches of water, but he actually sunk into two feet of thick mud. When he tried to get his leg out, he dislocated his knee. Thankfully his family was around to carry him to the car and drive him to the ER. His knee has been a mess since a high school pole vaulting injury, but it's a lot more serious this time. He tore cartilage and the joints won't align, so he can't put any weight on it. He's missed a few days of work and when he does go in, he's on light duty. He's not allowed to drive, teach at his MMA gym, or coach soccer, and he's had a million doctor appointments. He doesn't even get to see the orthopedic surgeon until Thursday.

I'd probably have a better grip on the situation if we didn't just have the worst week. I was taking prednisone (steroids SUCK, you guys! I can't even begin to explain how absolutely horrible they make me feel), PMSing, and pulled a muscle in my back, so taking care of my injured husband wasn't easy on me. Then Milo came down with the stomach flu and puked all over me multiple times and I didn't realize he passed it to Nolan, who came home sick after the first day of school and missed the second day.


On a positive note, the boys were really excited for the first day of school and had a good time.
Well, besides the coming home and vomiting part. 

I want to throw the last five days in the garbage and focus on the fun stuff we have to look forward to. 

  • The kids have their first soccer games on Saturday.
  • I have a mani/pedi appointment on Sunday.
  • I'm going to a Mariners game Monday night.
  • We're going to see Wild Kratts Live! next weekend (the Kratt brothers are Nolan's heroes).
  • We just bought tickets to a hard cider festival (because we're weenies who don't drink beer).
  • We're putting tons of fall activities on the calendar (pumpkin patch, corn maze, apple orchard).
  • Fall movies are here and I'm making plans to see at least six of them in September and October.
  • I have an interview for a part-time job next week. Like, super part-time. Less than ten hours a week. It sort of fell into my lap, but I really want it, so cross your fingers for me!

Here's hoping things start looking up!

9/11 UPDATE: I blogged too soon. Nolan threw up all over his room at 2:00 AM and won't be going to school today either. UGH!


Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

Your boys are DARLING! Hope the upcoming fun helps erase the previous five days. I like beer, but I'd still want to go to a cider festival.

Karen Peterson said...

Now THAT is a bad week. I'm so sorry! If I lived closer I would totally have come over to help you out.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and an even better week!

Jana @ Jana Says said...

Good luck with the job! Hope everyone starts to mend soon because 3/4 out of commission is really no fun.

I love all that you have to look forward to. We have a few things on the calendar when we're not overwhelmed with the child's cheerleading which drowns our lives from September-March. Fortunately we get a few free weekend days and we will be doing the pumpkin picking and the apple picking and all that good stuff.

Ever Emma said...

Oh goodness. What a week! I'm so sorry! I hope things start looking up real quick. Crossing my fingers for that and for that part-time job!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

That really stinks about Jacob's knee. I know how rough it was when Tony was down with his ACL.