Late Night

I wasn't always a big fan of late night TV. Jay wasn't funny to me, Dave gave me creepy vibes, and Conan is too over the top. I do like Jimmy Kimmel, but not enough to watch his show every night. The first late night show I watched regularly was Chelsea Lately. I recorded every episode and watched it the next day. She was refreshing and hilarious and commented on all the stupid pop culture things I cared about. I also love that I was exposed to so many new comedians.

About four years ago I started watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and followed him over to The Tonight Show. I couldn't believe someone I grew up watching had made it so big. His show is current and fun, I relate to everything, and he's still as dorky as ever. (Some say he's an ass-kisser, and I have to agree, but like him nonetheless.) It felt like late night finally got it right. Then I realized my mom probably felt the same way when Jay or Dave got their own shows and I'm just old now. Do the kids like Jimmy or do they think he's outdated and annoying?

I've been watching Late Night with Seth Meyers from the very first episode and haven't missed one yet. He's so funny and charming, his interviews are interesting, he relates to every guest, and he's knowledgeable and polished. I really love the Weekend Update thing he's doing now at the beginning of each episode. I could do without the sketches though. They feel childish in such a structured show.

I also started watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver from the beginning. I thought it'd be a lot like a weekly dose of The Daily Show, which I was definitely into. John is absolutely hilarious and so clever. The writing is amazing, his rants are spot on, and the content is important. I look forward to this show every Sunday.

The second I found out James Corden was taking over The Late Late Show, I immediately set my TiVo. I LOVE him. He's so positive and funny and cheerful and just so happy to be there. His laugh is infectious and I love that he incorporates music into everything he does. The interview format, with all three guests on the couch at the same time, can be really awkward or complete magic and I like that it's unpredictable. I have such a crush on him!

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert started last week, and I recorded it, but haven't caught up on it yet. I never really got into The Colbert Report, but I really like Stephen and I'm curious to see how he'll do this talk show without playing a character. Are you watching?

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah premieres September 28 and I can't wait! I only occasionally watched Jon Stewart, but always looked up clips the next morning. He absolutely changed the way people got their news and I love him for that. I think Trevor was a bold choice for a replacement, but I'm so excited to see what he does and to hear perspective on American news and politics. I watched a stand-up special and a documentary and think he's pretty awesome (and so dreamy).

I'm also so excited for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee coming to TBS in January. I need a woman back in late night again and she is perfect for the job!

So yeah, that's a lot of late night. I don't actually watch any of these shows live. Good thing I have two TiVos! I record everything and catch up on Friday nights. I fast-forward through monologues, most of the sketches, and the musical performances and interviews of guests I don't care about, so I can typically get through an episode in fifteen minutes. 

Do you watch any late night shows?


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I don't watch any late night, and I never have. I do love both Jimmys and Colbert as well as Seth.

Kimberlee VDW said...

I catch highlight clips of most of them. Loving James Corden, he's so lovable :) Jimmy is slowly losing interest to me because he kisses certain politicians asses and I hate that. LOVE LOVE LOVE John Oliver, his shower is perfection. I agree Trevor Noah is dreamy lol so I'll be tuning for that ;) Can't wait for Samantha Bee though & Chelsea on Netflix. We need more ladies/diversity!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think the kids still like Jimmy... if they don't then we're old... how can you NOT like Jimmy kids?

Seth Meyers = MAJOR MAN CRUSH. I love him SO much. He's my younger John Stewart (SUCH a woman hard on for John Stewart!!!)

MY OTP would be Amy Pohler and Seth Meyers but I'm ok with them being BFF's too. It's cool.

John Oliver... LOVE THAT MAN! He cracks me up - anyone who has anything to do with the Daily Show, I'm in love with, literally its a sickness :)

Cue Stephen Colbert - he is a riot. I need to watch his show my issue is... I don't stay up past 10 PM on most given week nights and honestly... I wish I did.

I am excited to see the new Daily Show.... Trevor has some HUGE shoes to fill, but I'm looking forward to it.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I record Fallon every night. I absolutely adore him. I love Higgins too. The show seriously makes me happy every time I watch it.

I don't record Kimmel, but I do watch a lot of his clips online the next day. I like him a lot.

I'm not a big Seth Meyers fan. I've seen a few clips of James Corden. His bits seem pretty funny. I always loved Dave. Jay was just ok. I'm not sure what I think about Stephen. I haven't watched and probably won't. Ha!

Kristen said...

Jimmy Kimmel is the only late night show I watch. I absolutely adore him! He always cracks me up, and I also have a huge crush on him. I think my husband hates watching his show with me because I inevitably say, "He's so cute!" at least once or twice before it's over. Haha.

Cole said...

I bounce back and forth between the two Jimmys! I like them both and they're both so different that it's fun to catch some of both. :-)

I LOVE John Oliver!

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

i love JF but i can never stay up that late so i just catch him on youtube :)

Karen Peterson said...

The only late night show I watch is Jimmy Kimmel. I sometimes watch Fallon and I really like him. I saw him at a small comedy club a few years ago and have always liked him. It's just that when the whole Jay/Conan debacle happened, I started watching Kimmel and fell in love with him.

Mackenzie R said...

Hi, visiting from Jana's blog :) I loved Jon Stewart's show because it was in a word, awesome. I only catch Jimmy Fallon if he has a guest whose interview I really want to see.

Elle Sees said...

i don't watch anything on the regular, which i should since i'm up so late anyway. but i always catch clips. love jimmy fallon--late night was such a dad's show to me, so glad to see him liven it up. great writers on there. never got into cobert, so i'm interested for the new show.