Jacob's MMA Fight

Jacob's second MMA fight took place on June 20th. (You can read here and here about his gym and his first MMA fight.) I love him, respect his passion, and completely support him, but I really hate it when he fights. I would never, ever tell him not to do it, but it's nerve-wracking and terrifying and I worry about him for weeks leading up to it. It's also hard because he has to train a lot and he's not home very much. He did his best to work out after the kids were in bed or on weekends when we just hung around the house, but we still missed him. All his hard work paid off though. He won with a first round TKO! Take a look.

I didn't go because I just can't watch. I was able to watch the video after I can see with my own eyes that he's not hurt. I totally feel bad for the other guy though and it's still not easy to watch. Jacob has never wanted me at a fight anyway. He said he'd worry about me. He had tons of support in the crowd with about a hundred fellow fighters, co-workers, friends, and family members all there to cheer him on. Carrie, my sister, and Jacob's brother kept me in the loop with constant texts, which put me at ease but also gave me SO MUCH ANXIETY. Thankfully he walked away without any injuries and has decided that this was his last fight. He's getting older and training was a lot harder this time around. Instead, he wants to put more effort into his gym. He already teaches and coaches, but wants to take over more responsibility on the business and promotion side of things. I'm all for that! 


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Holy crap that made me nervous watching and I know the outcome. I can see where you're coming from.

Congrats to him!

Karen Peterson said...

That's so awesome for him!

And I'm glad he's going to step away and focus on the gym instead. I'm sure that is so much anxiety for you! I can't even imagine! What a way to go out, though!

Jo said...

Totally get why you don't want to watch but he's got quite the left hook on him. Well done!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

My high school boyfriend was super into karate, judo and MMA. I only watched him once. I was a nervous wreck.

Yay Jacob!

Cole said...

Congratulations to Jacob on winning his fight! For your sake, I'm glad he's going to focus on the non-fighting parts of MMA!

Allison said...

I would lose my shit if I was watching that live! Congrats to Jacob, that is so badass.
I think it's so cool that he feels so passionate about it and is finding ways that he can work with MMA without necessarily fighting and giving you a mini heart attack. You're too cute though for being such a supportive wife.