What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hannibal Buress You probably know him as the guy that reminded us that Bill Cosby is a rapist. But he's also on Broad City and The Eric Andre Show and was a writer on 30 Rock and SNL. Since I saw him at Oddball Festival last summer, he's been my favorite comedian. My sister and I saw him again two weeks and cried our eyes out from laughing so hard. I just downloaded two of his comedy specials and I'm so excited for his show Why? With Hannibal Buress next month. I can't get enough!

Caitlyn Jenner The response to her very public transition has been so positive and supportive and that makes my heart happy! I love her bravery and honesty. She can be this major role model and educator on a topic that is confusing to so many. That's a lot to take on, but I have no doubt she'll do it with grace and dignity. You go, girl!


My hair After nearly a year with my natural color, I finally decided to do something different. I brought in pictures of balayage/ombre hair and my stylist told me it'd be no problem. After the color and a trim, she gave me beachy waves and I left my appointment pretty happy. When I got home I realized the color lifted a lot more than I wanted, but thought I'd get used to it. I kept the waves the following day then on the third day, after I washed it and got a look at my straight hair, I saw A MESS. She had to have noticed this. How could she let me leave the salon?! THIS IS WHY I DON'T EXPERIMENT WITH MY HAIR.

I kept my hair in a ponytail until Thursday when she could fix it for me. She applied more toner to blur those horrible lines and took the color down a notch. Now it's subtle, like I wanted, and I really like it. 

Mamma Chia Vitality Bars I know how great chia seeds are for you, but I don't really like consuming them. It's a texture thing. I'll put them in homemade smoothies, but that's about it. Those puddings, pouches, and drinks? Disgusting! I should probably learn how to bake with them, but since I came across these bars a few weeks ago, that can wait. I'm sure my love for these bad boys has something to do with the chocolate, but whatever, at least I'm getting those amazing seeds!

Summer preview We had a few days of 80+ degree weather last week. Normally that would irritate me because I don't like it to go above 74, but we made the most of it since we knew the rain would return. We bought a blow up pool, set up the water table, had a squirt gun fight, invited over my nephews, and just lounged around the backyard for a few days. Other than that, Jacob and I went to a movie, we took the boys mini golfing, and I breezed through four books in three days. (To be fair, they were all YA and one of them was just a companion, but whatever. I read a lot.) It was the perfect relaxing weekend. Unfortunately it's going to be 86 this weekend and we're going to a Mariners game. Ask me again how I feel about these summer temps while I'm sweating in the stands.

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What I'm Loving Wednesday


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Also not a fan of chia puddings, etc...I mean, they LOOK awful but the texture I just can't do. Good to know the bars are out there. Let me know if you have success with making them at home.

I hate having to get my hair fixed. It's only happened to me once. I love yours though, it looks great!

Jana @ Jana Says said...

I can't bring myself to eat anything chia because I think of Chia pets and that's just not right.

I don't mess with my hair. I mean, my hair is a giant mess but I don't care to make it worse. I like the way yours looks, though!

Karen Peterson said...

I should write about my weird hair experience too, but I didn't take a picture. I can't believe stylists are willing to let us leave the salon looking less than perfect. Hello!

Jodi said...

Your hair looks pretty (now that she fixed it). It looked good wavy but straight was way to drastic of a color change. I have never had my hair colored for that reason. I don't trust them not to mess it up but I would love some blonde highlights! But I'm too cheap too. Lol

Elle Sees said...

i'm glad you got that fixed!! i would have freaked out. i am so crazy about my hair. i love how it looks! the coloring looks wonderful on you!

Rachel said...

Your hair looks fantastic! I'm glad she fixed it how you wanted it. I used to dye my hair a lot (just one color, not highlights), but I haven't in almost 10 years. I'm tempted to try highlights (or low lights), but then I get nervous. Lol.

If you don't like temperatures above 74, you wouldn't like the Texas summers. We consider 74 a "cool front". Lol. :)

Thanks for linking up!!


Mree said...

Glad you got your hair fixed! I would have been so upset. In fact, I got balayage down a few weeks ago and just realized that it's too thick and it's in the front of my face. I keep pulling it back so that you can't see it. I so need to go get it fixed. So annoying. I love your hair color. Go Caitlyn, she is gorgeous!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I see your point. It looked fine when it was wavy. But if it's not going to be wavy 24/7, that's not going to work. Looks great now!

Kimberlee VDW said...

Love the lighter color. Looks great with the curls!