The Song Remembers When

The older I get, the sadder I am when I think about how many people have come and gone in my thirty-six years of life. In the moment, a person can mean EVERYTHING to you and you can't imagine not having them around. But we all grow, move, change, break up, and drift apart. It doesn't mean they weren't important, it just happens. I don't agree with the idea that only "true" friends stick around either. Sometimes life just gets in the way. And of course, relationships with exes are nearly impossible to continue. I try not to dwell on my past, but music has a funny way of flooding you with memories about people, places, and time periods, and it can get emotional! As soon as the last note ends of a song I haven't heard in years, I have a warm fuzzy feeling and immediately want to pick up the phone and catch up with the person it reminded me of. Or, you know, be less crazy and just stalk them on Facebook. Here are some of those songs for me.

Eminem - The Real Slim Shady
My college roommate
This gave him the idea to hand out "Hi! My name is ___" name tags to everyone at our house parties. We were dorks.

Seal - Kiss From a Rose
Babysitting my cousins in Colorado
Batman Forever was the most anticipated movie of the summer of '95 and this song played everywhere.

Madonna - Crazy For You
A super intense crush
A month of flirting ended in a one night stand. I was devastated. (It didn't happen in the '80s; I always listen to Madonna.) 

NKOTB - Summertime
Being pregnant with Nolan
They made a comeback and I listened to their album constantly while getting ready for my first born.

Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time of My Life
High School Band
We played this song at the end of every pep assembly, football, and basketball game as the crowd exited. Go BHS!

The Used - The Taste of Ink
Coming home from the bars with a car full of friends
Jacob was usually our DD and hated when we sang the lyrics, "Four o'clock in the fucking morning" at the top of our lungs.

Third Eye Blind - How's It Gonna Be
A boy whose heart I broke
We were in love and he treated me like a princess, but I had a hard time committing. We were off and on for two years.

Bush - Swallowed
Driving around at midnight with a car full of high school friends
I rolled with some bad boys back then. This song will always remind me our late night shenanigans.

Enrique Iglesias - Hero
My college co-workers
We all loved to hate this song that came on at TJ Maxx, but still sang it with dramatic passion.

The Offspring - Self Esteem
My high school BFF
She seriously injured her knee while we "moshed" to this in my bedroom. I had to carry her books to class for months!

Britney Spears - Lucky
Another college roommate
She would obsess over a song and play it over and over for a month, which is why this is my least favorite Brit song.

Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Being completely sh*tfaced
I was high and drunk and lying in my own puke and realized it said "another dimension...," which freaked me out. Ha!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge
Living in Florida
This was my favorite song in '92 and still always reminds me of the six months we lived in Palm Bay.

Hanson - MMMBop
A school trip to Portland/secret admirer
I annoyingly sang this on the bus and someone bought the CD single and left it on my seat after our stop at the mall.

Ludacris - What's Your Fantasy
College parties
Who didn't blast this jam when it came out?!

Monica - Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)
Cruising in my friend's truck
She was the first of us to get her own car and we bumped this all the time. (I was reminded when I watched this!)

Acceptance - So Contagious
A boy I loved
I knew we were doomed from the start, but something made me try to keep him in my life.

R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix)
Family vacation in Vegas
We weren't old enough to get into a club or gamble, but this played everywhere we went that week.

SoulDecision - Faded
A friend with benefits
We had a lot of fun, but he wasn't into labels or commitment, or me, after a short time. I still love this cheesy song.

Rob Zombie - Dragula
A childhood friend
We met when he was five, and our friendship was off and on, but we finally became besties as teenagers.

Madonna - Papa Don't Preach
Drunk dancing in the living room with my girls
One of them actually thought she might be pregnant and this was...therapeutic? We were idiots.

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
A college bestie
He constantly made fun of me for loving this song, but then knew every word when I played it in my car.

Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet
My first love
I vividly remember waking up one day, realizing I was really, seriously, crazy in love. This song came on that morning
and I played it on repeat while getting ready for school. I felt like I finally understood what all the fuss was about.

Do any of these songs bring up memories for you?
What are the tunes that make you nostalgic?


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love this post! Such deep feelings associated with some songs.

There are those songs that remind us of people or times and I never fail to instantly think of the memory as soon as I hear a few bars of the song.

You reminded me of Don't Take it Personal and I had to immediately add it to my Spotify.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I love this post and need to do my own. MMMBop makes me think of one of my best friends from high school, Kelly. She loved that song and played it on loop. Tony and I were dating when Intergalactic came out. I remember making him play it over and over on the way to the club one night. Hahaha!

Karen Peterson said...

I love this! At first I thought I should steal your idea, and then I thought that there aren't that many songs that take me back, and then I realized as I was going through yours that there are a LOT of songs that have meaning for me.

This is so great.

Jana @ Jana Says said...

This is such a great idea for a post. Music has deep meanings for me, too, and just a few notes can bring back a flood of memories. My husband and I spent a lot of time in college at a particular bar and we have a whole playlist called Balloon Tunes (the bar was The Stone Balloon) and when we listen to it, we love to reminisce about all the things.

I also associate certain songs with certain people. Music is a powerful thing.

Jo said...

I totally love this post! The soundtrack of your life.
Hope you are having a great summer!

Susan S. said...

I love this post! I have often thought of doing something similar, but then I get lost in listening to the songs and memories.....

This is basically a biography through song. I love that!