Summer Bucket List

Summer officially begins on Sunday and I'm so happy we have tons fun stuff on the calendar this season. Jacob and I are doing a little road trip in a few weeks and in August we're all going to the ocean for a weekend. We have friends and family coming to visit in July and August. I'll definitely be going to a few Mariners games and I have tickets to see One Direction and Taylor Swift in concert. Nolan and Milo are taking karate on weekday mornings, they'll continue with swimming lessons on weekday evenings, and they both start soccer in August. Nolan is also going to a week-long rocket building day camp and we'll celebrate his 7th birthday with a Pokemon party. Other than that, the world is our oyster. I asked the boys to write a list of fun things they want to do this summer and here's what they came up with.

Bake treats
Bounce houses
Build a fort
Chemistry experiments
Children’s museum
Day hike
Farmer’s market
Fly a kite
Make ice cream
Ride the foot ferry
Ride the trolley
Swimming at the lake
Wash the car

That all sounds doable! I have a few ideas up my sleeve too.

$1 movie at the theater
Alki Beach
Library story time and activities
Museum of Flight
Petting zoo
Point No Point
Root beer floats
Splash park
Tacoma Rainiers game
Touch a Truck

It's going to be a fun few months! I probably won't be documenting much of it though. I want to go and do and live and play and spend as little time as possible on the computer. We've only been home for about four hours each day all week and it's only the fourth day of summer break! I'm not shutting down or announcing a big blog break, but I'm feeling sort of weird about social media lately, so things will be sporadic for a while. I still love Instagram though, so keep up with me there!

But first, tell me what's on your summer bucket list!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I am worn out by social media a little bit...except IG as well.

Fun summer for you guys! I love how you say going to the ocean. We say going to the shore.

Jana @ Jana Says said...

This is a great list!

I asked Erica some of the things she wants to do and I got: go to a water park, go to NYC, go to the beach, play with her friends, and go to either Baltimore or DC. These are actually all very doable. Expensive, some of them. But doable.

Karen Peterson said...

This sounds like such a fun list!

It's going to be my first summer spending so much time around kids since I WAS a kid, and I'm coming up with some fun ideas of things to do with them.

lil desiqua said...

I love your list! Hiking, picnics, and camping are on my list too! I just want to spend as much time outside in the warm weather as possible. Looks like you have a great summer planned- enjoy!

Susan S. said...

Sounds like you've got a fun summer planned! We hit Silver Dollar City last weekend and plan to do that again at some point. We have several big family events and a trip to Utah planned.. Though it sounds like we may be changing that destination to California or Seattle. We'll see! My "summer" is over sooner than later- I go back to school the last week of July. But before that, we have some things to do plus Nick's birthday. Nick starts soccer in August as well- can't wait!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Great list, just so you know, summer is a long way off for me, as winter has just started here and have to say it is cold as, well not as cold as some places, I say its cold but in fact it isn't that cold compared to some other places it is just cold for me

Kimberlee VDW said...

Not to sound like a creeper but I see you and Leeann tweeting about your upcoming trip. SO envious! I'm planning on a few trips this summer and keeping my fingers crossed they happen. Definitely a great summer bucket list... I haven't been to a zoo in AGES!