World Water Day 2015

Today is World Water Day, an international awareness day, established 22 years ago by the UN, to focus on the importance of fresh water around the world.

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'd know that clean water is a cause close to my heart. Water is such a simple thing, but over a billion people go without. More people die from dirty water than all forms of violence, including war, and 90% of those deaths are children under five years old. And did you know that the global need for water will exceed the supply by 40% in 2030? Yikes! There are many organizations dedicated to this cause, but my favorite has always been charity: water.

Two years ago I gave up my birthday for clean water. I asked that all my friends donate to my charity: water campaign rather than get any gifts for me. Friends, family, and blog buds exceeded my expectations and we raised $816. A few months ago I received the project report. We helped build a well for 175 members of the Chikaro community in Ethiopia. The locals were involved in prepping the land and constructing the access road, and on their own initiative, built a fence around the well to prevent animals from contaminating the area. Now they don't have to walk two hours a day for dirty water. Yay!

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this with me! It really meant a lot!

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Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Water something so many people take for granted