Road Trip - Hilton Head & Myrtle Beach

The second day of our road trip was spent at the beach! After breakfast at Waffle House, we drove to Hilton Head Island. We found public access to the beach and just sat there. It was a gorgeous, sunny, fifty degree morning. We actually watched dolphins swimming in the ocean! So amazing!

Then we drove over to the Harbour Town Marina and climbed
119 steps to the top of the 45-year old lighthouse.

We grabbed gas and a bunch of snacks and hit the road for a four hour drive to Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately the further north we went, the cloudier it got. By the time we arrived on the beach, it was completely gray and rainy. And COLD!

We knew we weren't hitting this vacation spot during tourist season, but I was still surprised to see how dead it was, especially for a Saturday night. We strolled down the boardwalk and promenade and wandered into a few shops, then it just got too cold and wet for us. And that's coming from two born and raised Washingtonians! We dried off with burgers from River City Cafe, then decided to check out a show at the Carolina Opry. It started off kinda cheesy with the singers covering random country songs, but the second half picked up with some top 40 and a little tap/line/clog dancing from All That! Check them out here from their appearance on Americas Got Talent. They were mesmerizing. The entire show was full of talent, it was just a little awkward to watch at times.

Next up: Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Most of the tourist towns are totally dead in the winter at least at the shore up here.

I've never been to Hilton Head or Myrtle Beach.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I'm obsessed with lighthouses.

Jen K said...

I need to visit the Carolinas. Especially since they are practically in my backyard. I love the new look on the blog!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Those are two more places I really want to see. Looks like fun!

And I love the new design!