I Miss My Job

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a friend I worked with at a small law firm. I worked in the front of the office and handled the criminal defense cases while she was the office manager and did the family law stuff. There was another family law assistant who was also the bookkeeper. And that's it. We were the support staff for four to five attorneys. It was my first real job after college and I couldn't have asked for a better experience or more supportive supervisors. I loved that I learned something new every single day, because each case was completely different. I also loved getting to know other attorneys, prosecutors, judges, county officials, and private investigators, not to mention all their support staff, who were always helpful and kind. I flat out enjoyed my job.

After four and a half years, the office started to go through a lot of changes and I wasn't as happy as I had been. My defense attorney put in his notice and since I just found out I was pregnant and knew I wanted stay at home for a while, I put my notice in too. I'm glad I quit when I did. I had a tough pregnancy with symphysis pubis dysfunction and probably wouldn't have been able to work much longer anyway. My boss completely understood and we parted ways on good terms, still getting together for lunch or to celebrate babies and new houses. In an office that small, you really do become like family.

So back to the lunch. My old co-worker and I caught up on our kids, talked about TV and movies, and of course she filled me in on all the office gossip, which is my favorite part. She also told me about upcoming changes to the office and how the county has added an Office of Public Defense, which has put a huge dent in their criminal case contract. She also mentioned that they just did a remodel, which I was dying to see, so I followed her back to check it out. My old boss greeted me with open arms and we chatted all afternoon.

It dawned on us all that I had quit seven years ago, almost to the day. I cannot believe I haven't been working for SEVEN years! Of course, it's completely logical; Nolan is six and a half. It just seems like such a long time, but also, like yesterday. After spending time with them in the office that day, I realized I miss talking to adults (about other things than kids), being responsible, using my brain, having a routine, etc. I miss working.

(And no, being a stay-at-home mom is not working. It's not a job at all. It's a sacrifice for your family, sure, but it's not "the hardest job ever." You'd be doing it whether you worked or not. I do realize not everyone has a supportive husband, like I do. And some moms are in situations where their partner is deployed and they are acting as single-parents. In those cases, you are my hero. But in regular situations, working moms have it much, much harder, so stop with that nonsense, SAHMs.)

Anyway, as much as I miss it, I'm not planning to work again until Milo is in first grade. I want to do all the things in his kindergarten class that I've been able to do in Nolan's. That means I won't be looking for a job until the summer of 2017, which puts me out of the workforce a few months shy of a decade. Whoa. And when I go do go back, I want it to be for real. I don't want to try to make money from my blog, I don't want to sell Scentsy or open an Etsy shop, and I don't want some part-time, work from home deal. I want my career back. It's been a long time since I worked, and that can be scary, but I'm smart, I catch on quickly, I get along with almost everybody, I'm reliable and professional. And while I loved criminal defense and would ideally stay in legal, I'm open to new fields. I'm mostly worried about how it will affect my family. But then again, now that Nolan's in school all day, I hardly see him anyway. You know what will suffer? TV SHOWS! MOVIES! BOOKS! Ugh.


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

You can read on your lunch hour! Or during your commute if you're not driving...obviously not during your commute if you are.

I don't have kids, but I never understand when SAHM act like it's harder for them than it is for working moms. How is that? It's hard for everyone in different ways, but it isn't harder for the person staying at home. Might it be harder to reintegrate to the workplace? Yes. But the daily trials, no.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think this is great that you still have the love and determination to have your career back. Nothing wrong with that and you're right - once the boys are both in school full time - you won't miss out on as much! :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

As someone who would gladly give up working, I think this sounds like crazy talk.

But then, if I didn't have to work anymore, I'm sure I would miss it too!

Jana @ Jana Says said...

We are the same person. I could have written this post because while being a SAHM is nice and all, I want to work. I miss it.

Also, applause on your SAHM comments! I feel the same way.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

Thank you for this post. Working moms do have it hard because we work 40 hours a week and then still have to do all the things the SAHMs do. Hello! This is why my house is a disaster right now.

Jodi said...

I can understand missing your job especially when you are in the setting! It is so amazing that you are able to stay home and raise your kids but it is great that you have a timeline and plan for when you want to go back. I still remember my mom being home when I was little and then working when I was in high school!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I will not say I understand as I don't really, I have never worked never felt the need but I know that my daughter Kathy found when she was on maternity leave that she missed work and was excited to return to work so I do get it

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I love that you are a mom and enjoying it to the fullest and at the same time want to go back to work. Glad you can stay home and be the wonderful mom you are!! I miss working and having that special routine; I will have my routine back hopefully this year. You'll do great even after ten years. I just know that. Plus, you will enjoy it more than before...because it is something you want and kind of long for. You go girl!!!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

And I'm just over here quitting my job like nothing lol! You're lucky in that you enjoyed what you did. It's hard to find a good place with good people.

How sad is it that I was like 2017 is like 10 years away...then realized is freaking 2015 already!!!