O (Ugly) Christmas Tree

When I was little, my siblings and I insisted on a tree filled with colorful lights and mismatched ornaments. Some that we made, some that our grandma made, and some that we picked up for a dollar or two throughout the years. In the '80s, we had a few flocked trees and other times we sprinkled fake snow on the branches. Sometimes we added strands of silver tinsel or metallic red garland. We had an ugly tree and we loved it. One year my mom asked if she could decorate the tree on her own. She had an angel theme with pink decorations, silver bells and balls, and white lights, ribbon, and bows. She actually did a really good job, but we hated it. It didn't look like Christmas to us and we never let her do it again. As an adult, I totally relate. Now that Instagram and Pinterest exist and I can see the amazing trees you've all created, I'm jealous. I want a nice tree!

But no. Jacob has a collection of totally cheesy, ugly ornaments that his mom made for her kids each Christmas. I have one ornament from my childhood, some that I've received as gifts, and a few that I've picked up from Target. More than anything I want white lights, but Jacob insists on colored ones. I'd love to pick a theme (like woodland animals) or specific colors (navy, silver, and gold), but it's expensive to start from scratch. Plus, we have kids. And when you have kids, you can't have nice things.

We started a tradition when Nolan was born. Every year the boys each choose a new Hallmark ornament. They think it's so fun and take the decision very seriously. I love unpacking the box of decorations each Christmas to really see how their personalities and interests have changed from year to year. This year, Nolan chose Jaws, which plays the theme from the movie. Milo wanted a train of any kind and thought the gold one was best.

We've also been adding the paper ornaments the kids make in school. So yeah, we're probably always going to have an ugly tree and I guess I'm ok with that. Maybe I'll get one for a table top next year and go to town. And now I sort of feel bad for their future partners since they're going to inherit a box of ugly, mismatched ornaments as adults too. Oops.


jessica said...

But I love your "ugly" tree! It's cute and it's your boys'! :) I know what you mean though. We grew up with a similar tree, until we were teenagers and my mom decided she wanted a pretty, themed tree. Now she has TWO trees. One is her fancy tree, the other has our old keepsake ornaments. I think one day I might do the same.

Jana @ Jana Says said...

Ugly trees are the way to go! Ours is getting better but it will never look like the ones on Pinterest. Or in my mother in law's living room. I think I like it better that way.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love "ugly" trees. Pinterest-worthy Christmas trees are pretty, but there's nothing sentimental about them.

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Ugly trees are the best. I love the shark ornament!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

An ugly tree is better then no tree at all.............I think.......my tree is pretty blah........just saying

Jo said...

Our tree is totally mismatched. I buy a couple of new ornaments each year ... I also wanted to do the whole color theme but then you have to take the joy out of Christmas for the kids.

We have one string of white lights and one string of colored lights. Our tree will never look like those amazing trees on Pinterest but it is our tree.

PS. a couple of years ago the dogs knocked over our tree and broke nearly all my ornaments (sad)

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I have a set of ornaments I picked up from Hobby Lobby that match. The rest of the ornaments are mismatched ones we've picked out over the years, as well as handmade ones the kids made in school. We do have white lights though.

I've also been thinking about buying a smaller tree to make all Pinterest pretty just for me. Ha!