Oprah's Favorite Things 2014

Oprah recently shared her favorite things for 2014 in O Magazine. I always look forward to this list to get ideas for Christmas gifts for myself (oops) and my loved ones. Here are some things I'm excited about: 

Golden Beats by Dr. Dre Set $700. "These Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Wireless headphones and the matching Beats Pill (a.k.a. speaker) in glossy gold make me want to get my dance on. And we're the first magazine to have them! Both items are Bluetooth enabled and shockingly lightweight—and will sound as good as they look for years to come." — Oprah

I've wanted a Beats Pill since they came out. Why not one in gold?

Sheepy Fleece Robe $84. "You all know I love a good robe, and this supersoft, super-affordable, super-cuddly one is great for opening presents on Christmas morning. It comes in 17 colors, including the brights shown here." — Oprah

Can you believe I don't have a robe? These colors aren't the best, but I like this grey one.

Foot Cream and Sock Gift Set $144. "Gloria L. Williams (a.k.a. the Footnanny) used to work at the Harpo spa in Chicago, and her foot cream is fantastic. I think it penetrates best if you slather it on and wear socks so the satiny concoction can soften your skin overnight. She created this cream-and-sock set for you." — Oprah

I love foot creams!

Nate Berkus at Target Dessert Plate Set $20. "Desserts get more decadent when you serve them on these gold-rimmed plates designed by my friend Nate Berkus. At $20 for a set of four, it's a whole lot of style per dollar." — Oprah

Gotta love Nate! These are festive without being cheesy.

Eyewear Case $250. "I have lots of eyewear, so I'm counting on these lacquered cases to keep me organized. They come in eight cool colors, and the cushy interior is designed to hold up to eight pairs of glasses." — Oprah

I never thought about having anything like this storage case, but now it's a must have.

Warby Parker Eyeglasses and Sunglasses $95. "If you haven't guessed from my Instagram, I'm crazy about Warby Parker; I use the glasses as much as shoes to change my look. Not only are they well priced (eyeglasses with single-vision prescription lenses are $95), but for each frame sold, a pair is given to someone in need. I've bought 26 so far." — Oprah

I love WP! I'm about to order another pair after my eye exam on Monday.

Beauty Express Brow Kit $40. "When it comes to brows, I believe in between-appointment upkeep. This kit, by my brow guru Anastasia, includes a brush, wax, powder and five klutz-proof stencils and is guaranteed to keep you groomed." — Oprah

I've wanted this since I first saw it. My brows need some help.

Waring Popcorn Maker with Melting Pot $130. "This 20-cup popper (which stirs automatically so the kernels don't burn) has a melting station that warms butter, caramel or any other topping. My favorite is a blend of truffle oil, truffle butter and truffle salt." — Oprah

I've been eating homemade popcorn for years, but my crappy popper has got to go.

Mini Filled Bagel Balls $36. "I love these mini bagel bites filled with different cream cheeses from a little shop in New York City's West Village. The best combo? A pretzel bagel filled with mustard and sharp Cheddar cream cheese." — Oprah

Bread and cheese are my two favorite things. These look amazing!

Cowgirl Creamery Cheese $60. "Whether you have a cheese lover on your list or just want to bring a fantastic hostess gift to your next holiday party, this collection of lusciousness—a triple-cream, a cloth-bound Cheddar, and a blue—is for you." — Oprah

Like I said, cheese is one of my favorite things.

Handcrafted Caramels $49. "Specially packaged for O readers, this box of rich, melt-in-your-mouth caramels (slow-cooked in copper kettles using all-natural ingredients), is the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth." — Oprah

Oooh, caramels!

You can see all 72 of her favorite things here, which total $13,054.

Are you adding anything to your list?


Allison said...

Holy crap, those bagel bites stuffed with cream cheese sound FANTASTIC! What a clever idea :)
You are I are totally on the same page with the cheese (though on a recent night out when ordering a cheese plate, it was a really strong cheese with honey drizzled all over it - NOT a winner and the first time I've been tempted to spit cheese out!).
Girl, you NEED a robe. Like, it's not even an option, you need one (I say this as I sit on my couch wearing my fuzzy white robe - I'm telling you, life changer).
This is awesome! I actually want those Nate Berkus plates now. What a great deal! :) Fantastic post, as per usual <3

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Look at you Oprah making me all hungry AND festive!

Ugh, I love those plates. I love all of Nate's stuff at Target but have yet to break down and buy anymore than his curtains - we purchased a neutral pair, that are tan with black stitching in them. Very awesome. I have been oohing and ahhing over all the GOLD items he's had out recently at target with us redoing our living room with brown walls, and gray couches and then all neutral mustard yellow/gold and silver accents I'm drawn to anything gold, silver, wooden, and he has ALL those things!! Damn him and his style, and damn you Oprah for making me want more ;) haha

PS these are ALL great gifts!

PSS Whenever I try to eat healthier... my one down fall is CHEESE. ZOMG - I could care less about carbs, or sugar just GIVE ME CHEESE!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I'll take the bagel bites and cream cheese.

I love Nate Berkus.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I want all the things!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I have a cheap robe from Target, but those look nice. $144 for foot cream and a pair of socks? I wish I had Oprah money.