John Lewis Christmas Adverts

John Lewis is a chain of upscale department stores in the United Kingdom. The flagship store on Oxford Street in London was opened in 1864 and there are now 42 stores located throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. There's also a small store at London Heathrow Airport. I have never been in one. I actually didn't even know they existed on my trip to London in 2007. I've only been aware of them the last few years because of their tearjerker Christmas commercials. I seriously cry every time.

This year's ad is no different. I watched it for the first time with my kids. Big mistake. I was mumbling something about how sweet it was while wiping tears off my cheeks. Penguins are my favorite animal and the two minute commercial captures the imagination of kids so well. I see Milo and his many stuffed "friends" in the character Sam. Take a look for yourself after you grab some tissue.

Not a dry eye in the house, right? Fun facts: Monty and Mabel, the Adélie penguins in the commercial, are made entirely from CGI, which took nine months to make. The song is John Lennon’s Real Love covered by Tom Odell. I just bought the track on iTunes and a portion of the proceeds will go to WWF to help protect Adélie penguins affected by global warming. You can buy Monty and Mabel merchandise including a book, which benefits children that have been affected by poverty, exploitation, disability or domestic violence in the UK. There's also a free ebook/app, which Milo's obsessed with.

Last year's ad was also a big hit in my house and still makes me tear up!

Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen

Take a look at more heartwarming commercials from the past.

Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin

Please Please Please by Slow Moving Millie

Your Song by Ellie Goulding

Sweet Child o' Mine by Taken By Trees


Allison said...

I JUST saw this on Elite Daily and didn't know there were so many other great ads - thank you for compiling them and saving me the time of YouTubing them all (totally just made that a verb).

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I watched them all. How awesome! I hadn't heard of this chain or seen any of these commercials before.

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I'll have to watch these later when I'm not at work. No crying at the office!

Wajiha Shakeel Ahmed said...

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Jo-Anne Meadows said...

This was interesting I have not heard of these till now

Karen M. Peterson said...

What great ads! I love the nostalgic ones. Now I wish I'd known about this store when I was in London over the summer.