I Got A (Computer) Virus

I don't even know where to start with this post. It's just a whole lot of random.

Virus. I got a virus on my computer earlier this week. It crash dumped about forty times on Wednesday, after only two minutes of use each time. Ridiculous. I did everything I could think of during the day, but nothing helped. Jacob tried a few more ideas when he got home from work and seemed to take care of it, but my computer is just not working the same as it used to. It's so slow and I can't use Chrome at all, which is my lifeline, but probably where the virus is. At least it gave me some time to back up my files, because now we have to wipe and restore it. UGH! Jacob is incredibly smart and comes from a family of computer geeks, but he didn't inherit those nerd genes. (He wants me to point out that he got the looks instead). So we're sending my computer off to Jacob's dad for a while. I'll have my super old, super slow Netbook and I can use Jacob's computer when he's not busy playing video games, but I probably won't be around very much.

Gilmore Girls. I am on episode 14 of the final season. Just eight episodes to go and the binge rewatch of one of my favorite shows ever will be over. I guess I can get back to watching regular TV after that. Shows are piling up in my TiVo! Plus, The Comeback is back and I keep meaning to check out Transparent. Stay tuned for a post of my favorite GG moments!

Contacts. For the past six months my right contact has been rotating in my eye. I've only been able to wear my contacts for about two hours a day before resorting to my glasses. For some reason I decided it was just my lot in life. My mom even made a comment about getting older and drier. Ew, thanks mom. I had my annual eye exam on Monday and not only did the prescription in my right eye change, but I also developed astigmatism. So she fitted me with the same astigmatism contact I wear in my left eye and it's a miracle! I can see! And my eye doesn't hurt anymore! I've worn my contacts from morning to night without any issue for the past four days. Hallelujah!

Foot. While we're on the topic of my broken, aging body, the plantar fasciitis and heel spur in my right foot is still giving me so much crap. I decided not to go back to the orthopedist because all she wanted to do was give me a cortisone injection. While the idea of being painless sounds great, I really want to figure out what's going on and not just stick a band aid on it. I have an appointment next week with a podiatrist. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll be more helpful and have a real solution. Tape and ice just aren't cutting it.

Reading. If I'm not watching Gilmore Girls, you can find me curled up in bed with my electric blanket (because it's so frickin' cold, even in our house!) and a book. So many good books have been released recently, I can't stop reading or adding to my list. Unfortunately nothing I've read lately has been AMAZING. Got any recommendations for one of those? Are you on Goodreads? Let's be friends!

Facebook Save. I'm so very late to this development, but I just discovered the save feature on Facebook about a month ago. I follow a ton of news and gossip sites through Facebook. I had previously added them to Feedly, but I was letting the posts pile up and then deleting them after feeling overwhelmed with the quantity. I really hate clicking in and out of articles, especially when I'm on my phone, so that little save button has been a huge time saver. Too bad I'm still letting it pile up. I currently have 114 unread posts to read!

So yeah, those are just a few random things on my mind. We're also dealing with this cold snap (it's painful out there!), finishing up Christmas shopping, and getting ready for vacation. Life is good.


Katrin said...

Oh no, so sorry about the virus! I had the same problem, I could not use Chrome anymore either. Hope you can fix it soon! Added you on Goodreads!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

That sucks about the virus. I remember when my hard drive crashed about a year ago. It's so hard being dependent on machines. Ha!

I have fallen way behind on Gilmore Girls, but I'm mostly caught up on new shows. Thankfully, they're all going on holiday hiatus, so I'm going to catch up then.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Um...I've never heard of this Facebook Save feature...why don't I know about this?

Sorry about the virus! That sucks. I had malware install itself on my computer at work, but I think I've got it all fixed now.

Also, I hope they can get you some answers about your foot. That sounds so miserable!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Booooo on the virus {my husband got one today and he fixed it}. So annoying. :(

Yay on watching GG, and finding out about the save feature. I do save too much on feedly and it gets to me. It's bad. I don't save a thing on FB unless it's really really something super important I must keep pretty much forever. hahaha

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

So I decided after a zillion foot problems this weekend that it's time for me to go to a podiatrist.

Sorry about the virus, that sucks!