Slowing Down

I'm in desperate need for a slow down. I thought that since the boys are in school, I'd have all this new time to just sit and catch my breath, but it's not quite working out that way. After volunteering, late start Wednesdays, and transportation, I really only get four hours to myself each week. I've filled that time with pedi, hair and doctor appointments or grocery shopping and housework. I seriously have not had any "me" time.

Oh, except for five weeks in a row, when I had plans both days every single weekend. And while everything I've been up to has been a ton of fun (Seahawks and Mariners games, concerts, comedians, movies, girls nights, etc), I've also been recovering from surgery and fighting off a nasty sinus infection. I went to the doctor twice and got an increased dose of antibiotics to finally get rid of it. 

I'm not at all trying to say that I'm unhappy or ungrateful. I've been having a blast and I don't take for granted all the fun things I do. I have a wonderful husband who encourages it and steps up to take care of the kids, make dinner, and do chores when I'm slacking. Contrary to what it sounds like, I haven't been neglecting my family either. We've been busier than every now that school started and Nolan's in soccer.

I've just stretched myself too thin. I haven't been sleeping enough. I flat out haven't been taking care of myself. I need to chill so I started saying no to things. And I'm talking FUN things, like Dave Chappelle and Nick Swardson stand-up, a Sounders game, a Walk The Moon concert, and Oprah's Live The Life You Want weekend. I hate saying no to awesome stuff! Just writing it all out makes me a little sad.

But I have to take a break from "fun" to feel better and recharge. Besides a concert next week, the only things I have on the agenda are Fall and Halloween activities with the kids and an awesome all-day date with Jacob. Other than that you'll find me in pjs watching TV and reading for the next few weeks. And that sounds just about perfect to me.

What do you do when life feels overwhelming?


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

It is so liberating to say no, because even when whatever it is will be fun, sometimes saying yes to others is saying NO to yourself. It's the quickest way to wear yourself down.

Enjoy the slower pace!

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I know what you mean. I don't see a lot of down time for me until January 2015. Ha! Clearly, I'll have some, but we are rather busy these days. I enjoy it a lot, but sometimes I just need a nap.

Allison said...

Girl, you do not at all sound complain-y at all. Not even at all. I totally get it - you have so much going on, and while it's good stuff, even TOO much fun can be exhausting! You're a great mom and wife, and make your family such a priority, but I'm glad that you also prioritize "me" time :)
When I get overwhelmed, I either journal or do yoga (or say eff it and just poor a big glass of wine and have a vent session!).
Hang in there - you're stretched thin, so figure out what's lowest on the list and start saying no (it's the greatest feeling EVER). It sounds like you've got a great, lazy (I say that in the best way) week lined up :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

Good for you! I know it's hard to turn down fun stuff, but sometimes it's necessary.

Micah said...

I hear you. I need to start saying "no" to things (even super fun things) more often as well.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

You know what is also liberating saying get out and go home as you have been here for too long

Jen K said...

I have to take time for myself or I shut down. John is traveling this week. It has been a blessing in disguise. I love my quiet time after the boys go to bed. I can read in bed and just be by myself.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You are always on the go! I am vicariously exhausted for you! I go in stages of being busy then having nothing. I wish it was intermixed a bit better lol. My fav thing to veg out with is the TV. So lazy, but something it helps!