Haunted Washinton - Kells Irish Pub/Butterworth Building

The Butterworth Building on First Avenue in Seattle was originally built for the city's first multipurpose mortuary called Butterworth & Sons. The beautiful building opened in 1903 (four years before Pike Place Market opened two blocks away) and featured stained mahogany, brass and bronze hardware, art glass, and ornamental plaster. The services offered were corpse retrieval, coffin sales, embalming, and cremation. It also had the first elevator on the west coast, which was used to transport bodies. Since it's located on a hill, the building only shows three stories in front on First Ave, but there are five stories in the back on Post Alley. By 1923, business was going so well, Butterworth moved the mortuary to an even larger space in Capitol Hill (where The Chapel Bar was located).

Other businesses have moved in since then, but none stayed very long. Cafe Sophie closed after the owner saw a procession of spirits under a ladder he was standing on while change light bulbs. Avenue One closed after the owner witnessed wine bottles flying off the shelf and shattering on the floor. Fire and Ice mysteriously closed in the middle of the night just seven months after an expensive remodel. And The Starlight Lounge closed after angry spirits repeatedly moved glassware and banged on pots and pans.

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub moved into the two bottom floors of The Butterworth Building in 2009, with its entrance on Post Alley. The basement housed the building's embalming room, heating plant, stables, and a storage space for funeral wagons. The top three floors of the building remain vacant and boarded up. Kells is known to be the most haunted bar in America. Patrons and employees have seen a tall ghost in a long black coat and top hat walk to the end of the bar then fade away. Someone has witnessed a mirror shattering while it was still hung on the wall. Joe, the owner, has seen the spirit of a little girl sitting on the bar's stairs between what was once the morgue and chapel. 

The spirits at Kells are said to be curious and lonely, but not unfriendly. They make noises and move things just to make their presence known. In 2010, The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures visited and took photos of the disfigured child sitting on the steps. They also heard and recorded footsteps, scratching, shuffling, yelling and whispers that said, "Get off that thing," "Looking for my child," "Get me outta here," and, "Stop it." 

And remember Linda Hazzard? Before she built a crematorium on her property at Wilderness Heights, her victims ended up at Butterworth & Sons! Creepy.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Creepy and oh so fascinating. I'm so weird. hahahahahahaha. All this makes me want to go up north... so intriguing.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love how some of the creepiest places look perfectly normal. From the exterior photos, I would never expect that to be such an active location!