Fall Concerts

Sir Elton John has always been on my must-see list and I'm so glad I got to share the experience with my mom, who's been a fan since his very beginning. This tour is to support the 40th anniversary of his album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, but he covered nearly thirty of his greatest hits when I saw him back in September. I only recognized half the songs, but they were all the good ones (like Tiny Dancer, Your Song, Candle in the Wind, Benny and the Jets, Rocket Man, Crocodile Rock, and even Circle of Life). That just tells you how big his songbook is! He played his piano and sang his heart out the entire time. There were lights, fun images on the screen, and a pretty chandelier, but that's it. The legend didn't really need a lot of bells and whistles. We were all in awe.

I don't think I could name more than five Jason Mraz songs, but Carrie is a huge fan and it was my turn to attend a concert I wasn't excited about. That's what friends are for! But really, I love all live music and was intrigued by this particular tour because it was an acoustic set, backed by the super talented girl group Raining Jane. It was more like a performance than a concert. The audience only sang along when Jason asked us to. He was funny, thoughtful, and positive and really has an amazing voice. I loved the footage of his trip to Antarctica he shared and I appreciated his message about being kind to yourself, others and the earth. I still only knew four songs, but he threw in a lot of covers that I loved, like songs by PM Dawn, Spandua Ballet, Guns N' Roses, Eurythmics, and even Mr. Rogers, who he said inspired him to get into music as a kid. Raining Jane played a variety of instruments from pianos, guitars, and drums to cellos, slide guitars, and citars, and had amazing harmonies. It was pretty awesome! I still may not be into his music, but I'm definitely a fan of his.

Next up? Nothing. I'm so disappointed I don't have a concert on the horizon. I have hockey games, comedians and musicals coming up, but no concerts. This has never happened to me before! It's kind of depressing.

UPDATE: One Direction just announced their summer 2015 tour so Leeann and I are making plans! Yay!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I'd love to see Elton John, he's one of the only Must Sees left for me...I'm seeing Fleetwood Mac next week.

Kristine said...

Ugh, again I'm envious of all the concerts you're hitting up! I wanted to see Sir Elton but I had something else going on! Boo.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I want to see Elton John. He's definitely a bucket list concert for me.

And I really like Jason Mraz. I'm definitely a fan.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

YES YES YES SO EXCITED. Now that I have a job and I'll be getting actual $ I'll have to just start flying up for concerts ;)

P.S. You look so much like your mom!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Ohhhh Elton John! You know I am so jealous. He was playing Vegas when we were there and I pouted for a few hours when Justin wouldn't take me (totally rational, right??).

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

hahahaha, i knew you two would be making plans for their 2015 tour. wish they'd come to my area so we could meet up before or after, because that concert is only for you two. :) ;)

Elton John...he's a legend. I saw him once, years ago, and I cannot believe how awesome it was.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I think I would like to see him one day in concert