When Leeann and I bought tickets to see One Direction in Philadelphia, we didn't pay any attention to the date of the show. Turns out the concert was in the middle of the week. Because we we were going to be so close to New York we decided to start there and split our time between the two cities. Since Jodi lives in Boston, she decided to bus it over and hang out with us for a few days. This was my third time in the Big Apple, but we did a few things that were totally new to me, so it was a lot of fun. I love everything it about NYC. I would seriously pick up and move there in a heartbeat if Jacob would let us.

We stayed in Midtown East and had a great view from our hotel room!
After eating at a little diner we went to a rooftop bar to get a better look at the Chrysler Building.

Bright and early the next morning we went downtown to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. 

We grabbed a slice of pizza and took the Staten Island ferry to get a closer look at the Statue of Liberty.

In order to make the most of our time and see as much as we could, we took a double decker bus tour.

We ended the day in Central Park and met up with more bloggers for dinner at the Loeb Boathouse.
I had so much fun with Kimberlee, Jodi, Allison, Kelly, and Leeann and really loved the picturesque restaurant.

The next morning we went to the top of 30 Rock to get a 360 view of Manhattan.

We jumped back on the bus and took a tour of upper Manhattan.
I didn't take many pictures because it started to rain.
After the tour, we had a late lunch at the famous Carnegie Deli.

 Jodi had to head back to Boston that night. Leeann and I took one more bus tour over to Brooklyn.
It POURED down rain on us. We thought it was pretty hilarious.

The next morning we had to get to Penn Station super early for our train to Philadelphia.
Stay tuned!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

You packed a lot in! I haven't been up to NYC for like a year and a half, which seems crazy given our close proximity. Next up for me is a Broadway show and walking the Brooklyn Bridge, two things I've never done there.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ah that picture of me again where I look 567353 lbs lol! Aside from that, you got some great photos lol! I think the rain on the tour was a hilarious end to our adventure :)

Misty, Handbags + Handguns said...

I've never been. Dying to go!

Karen M. Peterson said...

That looks like a great time! You saw a lot!

I have spent one full day in NYC and then another time I walked from Grand Central to Penn Station to go to the airport. That's it. I really need to go back.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Fun times!!! NYC is just so gorgeous. Love it!
The only thing I am sad about was that I "forgot" to go to the Memorial last time I went. By forgot I mean, it was planned but two people didn't want to go. :( Next time I will for sure. :)

Kimberlee VDW said...

Aw glad you got to come to NYC! It was great meeting you :)